Popping the Question in Style: Top 5 places to propose

February 14, 2011

So in the world of weddings, Valentine’s Day is like Christmas and I am struggling to stop myself wishing everyone ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’


In honour of this, I have taken my thoughts back to the time before the dresses are meticulously looked over, the venue is viewed and (obviously) one of Sternberg Clarke’s fantastic acts is chosen to the proposal. Since researching this, I have looked through websites upon websites of suggested proposal sites from The Grand Canyon to The Eiffel Tower and The London Eye, but instead of suggesting these obvious (but still amazing!) places I have come up with my own unique selection…


If she likes the countryside…

1. Love Letters: Just Mind the wind.

If, like me, your girl is a country girl at heart, the prospect of getting up and going outside on possibly a very cold day will certainly not faze her. The idea of going up in a helicopter and viewing the beautiful British countryside that she loves will definitely excite her though. Then, imagine her face when she views the words ‘Will you marry me?’ written across the hill…breath-taking! I have met someone recently who instead of actually writing it on the hill just used paper to create the shapes of the words. Unfortunately, it was a rather windy day and he had to use his faithful friends to lie across the paper to ensure she did not get a mangled message!


Alternatively, recently a farmer in Gloucestershire allowed a creative groom to write the letters ‘Will You Marry Me’ on his sheep. As far as we’re aware no sheep were harmed in the creating of this proposal.


2. Enter Loversville…no, really.

As its' name alone suggests that the village of Lover (pronounced like Dover) is one of the UK’s most romantic destinations. Located just south of Salisbury on the edge of the New Forest this tiny village is an ideal place for couples to visit, if only to pose by the village sign for an amusing photo opportunity!


Also in Wiltshire, is the interesting heart shaped wood on Huish Hill near Pewsey. Created by Lady Keswick in 1999 as a memorial to her brothers the wood has developed nicely so that when in season it appears to look like a giant red heart. This phenomenon is due to the woods being planted with two varieties of Hawthorn which produce pink flowers. Totalling an acre in size, the wood is visible from the top of Huish Hill and is really spectacular!


If she’s a city girl…


You could also get married and have children in front of traffic. The more momentous moments in your life that take place in front of traffic means you reduce the chance of being killed by it.


3. Stop the press, or the traffic at least.

Why not show the world, or rather a high percentage of commuters, how much you love the woman in your life by proposing on London Bridge.


And stopping the traffic.


During rush hour.


OK, so it may not make you the most popular guy in London, but it will certainly win you an infinite amount of brownie points for the most imaginative and heart felt proposal.


And if you don’t believe me that this is actually possible and it’s all a myth that happened to a friend of a friend, ask Jane in our office. It actually happened to her


4. Get a Cheer

Picture the scene, it’s June 26th, you’re having an amazing time at Glastonbury, it’s warm, the sun is setting and you’re watching Laura Marling perform on The Park Stage. Pretty perfect, right? And then you get engaged. OK, now it’s perfect.


This actually happened to a young couple in 2010 and Laura Marling announced; "I don't know if you saw, but someone just proposed and got a good answer” The audience all cheered in celebration, and she then went onto explain that she would dedicate the next song to them but apparently ‘it wasn’t a very nice one’! Imagine getting a cheer from 20,000 people after you have just got engaged, I think that would make it pretty memorable.


If you’ve got the budget…


5. Melt your snow queen

The Dolomite Mountains in North Eastern Italy is a ski resort with over 1, 200 km of slopes, which leaves plenty of open space for a romantic and secret proposal. If you and your girlfriend are both a fan of the slopes, this would be the perfect place to visit and pop the question.


The Dolomite’s have been described as brighter, more colourful, and more monumental than any other mountain range and are unique in that they seem to be architecturally inspired. Deodat de Dolomieu discovered and clarified the exceptional composition of the stone, giving the mountains their name.


So there you have it, my suggestions for the most romantic and memorable proposals. Take them as they are or with a pinch of salt, but whatever your proposal idea is, make it personal to you and no-one could say no.


Happy Valentine’s Day!