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June 15, 2017

Bounder & Cad

With the way Number 10 looks currently, it’s fair to assume that politics is sure to be dominating the live blogs for some kind yet. As Theresa May failed to cement a majority last week, she’s hanging on by a thread and various folk are predicting yet another general election before the year is out. Can it be so? Whatever happens, we think you’ll agree that it pays to be prepared so here are a few entertainment acts to hire for your very own political themed party.

A Political Speaker

Obviously. There are many to choose from: ex-MPs who can divulge fascinating details about life on the front or backbenches, political correspondents who can relive numerous elections from years gone by and, of course, current MPs who we’d expect to be quite coy on spreading gossip. That being said, you never known! From Emily Maitlis to Boris Johnson to Michael Portillo, we highly recommend booking a political speaker for a political party!

Origami Artist

This might seem like a sensible suggestion unless you’re addicted to Netflix’s super hit TV show, House of Cards. Cast your memory back to season 1 of the hit political show (itself a remake on a British version), and you’ll remember that Frank Underwood’s wife Claire was fascinated by an origami paper crane created by a homeless man outside her office. Learn to make one of these fabulous paper swans or simply hire an origami act to make them… Whatever you choose, we think this will be a hit!

Queen Lookalike

As everybody knows, Parliament cannot be resumed without a Queen’s Speech. Rather uncharacteristically, there is no set date for when the Queen will make this speech this year – thanks, hung parliament – but thankfully hiring a Queen lookalike shouldn’t be as much trouble as booking in Her Majesty. Available for meet and greet opportunities, our Queen lookalike is sure to go down a storm. Just don’t ask her for her political opinion as the Queen is famously not allowed to have one!

Alistair McGowan

The closest thing you’ll get to having Tony Blair at your political party without actually spending a crazy amount of money to have the real Tony Blair in attendance, Alistair McGowan is known for his impressions of the former Prime Minister and can be booked to perform a short set for your event. Undoubtedly able to pull off many other celebrity nuances, McGowan is sure to bring the house down at your party!

Bounder & Cad

They might sound like a 1920s detective duo but Bounder & Cad (pictured) are actually a two-man Rat Pack team who got bored of singing the same old crooning classics and instead opted to write their own lyrics to the melodies. A hit in satirical circles, they’ve performed at a host of top London venues including the 10 Downing Street Christmas party where their song was initially vetoed after being viewed by the PMs aides. Naturally, it went ahead regardless... A whole lot of fun, you can’t go wrong with this comedic duos’ irreverent look at British politics!

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By Henry Fosdike