Party Theme Ideas: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay

November 19, 2015

With the imminent release of the final film, Mockingjay Part 2, on November 19th, we have taken it upon ourselves to put together a few party ideas if you’re planning on putting together a Hunger Games theme for your event. We don’t really advise having a genuine Hunger Games (other party games should suffice), but we can certainly ensure that your event is the coolest Mockingjay themed party this side of Panem (well, the UK). So without further ado…

District 12 Theming

 In order to get the ‘feel’ right of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novels, we need to ensure that the District 12 area of your Mockingjay Party looks just right before even thinking about Hunger Games entertainment. The best bit? Many of the best ideas are totally free! District 12 is obviously the poorest part of Panem so assembling large chunks of rubble from the dump shouldn’t be too hard. Add in a fog machine (make sure it isn’t the poisonous type from Catching Fire!) and you have yourself a smoky, dust-filled area of which President Snow would be proud.

Ray Mears

 Okay, you might not be able to hire the actual Ray Mears (well, you certainly can hire Ray Mears for your event but it’s fair to say he may be out of budget for most Hunger Games parties). But what you can do is learn a little about survival. After all, this is a Hunger Games party and Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark did not survive through luck alone. In fact, this is a perfect time to chow down on some cake; The boy with the bread would surely do the same!

Archery Lessons

 Before walking through to the area of your party that has been reserved for The Capitol, you might want to fit in some archery lessons. The best bit about this is that you don’t have to set up a target 50m away from where you’re firing. We offer archery in two forms; the more traditional type that Katniss excelled in but also Laser Archery, which is perfect for smaller spaces. Oh and we can also provide Orissa, who can actually fire arrows with her feet as seen at Beat the Brief earlier this year. Amazing!

Capitol Theming

 Not only should most of the food at your party be available after walking through to The Capitol (it makes sense, after all), but this is the point where a few of our acts can be perfect for enhancing the theme of your event. Lightwalkers and Bolli Darlings are just the types of people you might find wandering The Capitol of Panem, whilst this is the perfect opportunity for your Hunger Games event to reach new heights with costumed characters. Effie Trinket costume, anyone?

Katniss Everdeen Costume

 In fact, speaking of costumes, this is the perfect opportunity to transform yourself from your first District 12 outfit into something The Capitol would prefer. Yes, how about two costumes! We can't all be Jennifer Lawrence but we can all be Katniss Everdeen! One for being Katniss in the first few chapters of The Hunger Games and the second after Cinna provides her with The Girl on Fire costume! That would be something to wow your party guests. We can almost see the smile of Caesar Flickerman from here!

Catching Fire

 What would a Hunger Games themed party be without a little fire? The best bit is that there are loads to choose from! There’s Swing FireFire FuryFire Elves, a Fire Cyr Wheel and even – wait for it – a Fire Tuba! That is to say a tuba that spurts out fire as a man plays! You can’t deny that would be the ultimate talk of your event!

With all that said and done, it’ll be time to start the Hunger Games party properly, with a few party games inspired by the series. Or maybe you genuinely want to play it for real. But if you do then…err…we can’t help you. For venues that might be perfect for celebrating Mockingjay in style, please click here and if you’re wanting to get in contact over any of our entertainment acts mentioned above, then feel free to do so using the information below. 

Mockingjay Part 2 is in cinemas from 19th November.


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By Henry Fosdike