Roald Dahl - Party Theme Ideas

October 01, 2018

Many private parties and corporate events love theming parties around two staples in particular – A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Alice in Wonderland. But with many other books available (that most people will have read or at the very least know about) we’re using this blog series to explore other possible options. This week, we’re looking into the wonderful world of Roald Dahl party ideas.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

 What a wonderful party this would be! There is no doubt a brilliant opportunity for caterers to get imaginative and conjure up all sorts of delicious treats for guests (everlasting gobstoppers anyone?) but it also presents a brilliant theme for entertainment as well. Aside from allowing us to hum Pure Imagination en masse, we can also put performers into a Willy Wonka costume, hire dancers to be Oompa Loompahs and can no doubt put together a magical repertoire of acts like the Ice Angels or Edible Mist Orbs to truly make you feel as though you’ve stepped into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. 


 The Natural History Museum’s Hintze Hall would be a wonderful setting for a Roald Dahl themed party, certainly a large enough room for some of the magic that will undoubtedly take place as a Matilda event reaches its peak. A digital graffiti wall would be a wonderful addition (referencing the chalk-on-blackboard scene) whilst magicians would be an obvious addition to the occasion. Illusions on the stairs amongst the huge whale skeleton will surely be a must see! Just make sure you avoid Miss Trunchbull, the scariest of all costumed characters!!


 Imagine attending a party where everything is giant-sized! That'd certainly make Roald Dahl party games more fun! From the chairs made out of cotton reels to a scone the size of a table, this is sure to be a 2016 party theme to celebrate the release of the Steven Spielberg film! Wouldn’t that be fun? Giant pencils and mugs can function as theming props whilst the BFG himself can lurk outside a window. But what of the entertainment? With some sneaky production, it’d be possible to magnify the image of a band or circus troupe so that giants are really performing at your event! That’d be a must see as you munch on the snozzcumbers. Naturally you could also book a few costumed stilt walkers too!

James and the Giant Peach

 As far as we’re aware, there isn’t a venue in London or the rest of the UK that’s been hollowed out from the inside of a peach but no matter, we can always create one. Okay, perhaps not a real peach but for a James and the Giant Peach party, we think repurposing a circular venue such as the Royal Albert Hall, the London Planetarium or the Round House will be perfect. After that, we can then work on the entertainment. If it’s fruit-themed ideas you’re after, what about hiring Dan Germain as speaker? As former Head of Creative at Innocent smoothies, he could certainly tell you a thing or two! Now at Apple, he also manages to continue the fruit theme!

The Twits

 For a final idea, we thought we’d go for spectacle over practicality. You see, as any fan of The Twits will tell you, there are a number of moments in the story that stick out to a reader, not least the finale where The Twits believe they’re upside down. As such, how about sticking everything to the ceiling of your venue and having an ‘upside down’ party? With bird pie on the menu (or not, as the case may be), various practical jokes provided by top comedians and magicians and a few wonderful costumed characters to play the titular characters, there is more than enough here to create a brilliant (albeit highly expensive and unsafe) event. But hey, The Twits themselves would probably enjoy it!

Naturally we are just scratching the surface of a Roald Dahl party theme, but if you fancy putting on an event that brings to mind George's Marvellous Medicine, The Magic Finger, the Enormous Crocodile or even The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me then we wish you the best of luck! 




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By Henry Fosdike