Party Theme Ideas: Harry Potter

March 16, 2020

In a new blog series, we’ll take a look at how you can put a number of party theme ideas into practice, starting with every muggle’s favourite wizard, Harry Potter. This is still an extremely popular theme with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the West End (and around the world) since 2016, so we've pondered a few ideas. When people first think of this theme, they’ll think of the Great Hall (above) but as we’re about to discover, there are many other locations that can be recreated using a little imagination and some magical know how. 

Quidditch Field

 This is perhaps a terrible idea considering we are writing this blog in March, on a day when many are inside. But that won't be forever! If only we could pause the virus in our tracks with an Immobulus spell! Hey, it's worth a try. Recreating a quidditch pitch outside only requires a handful of broomsticks and six hoops-on-a-stick, which just so happen to be the perfect apparatus for our wonderful aerial performer, Luna.

Forbidden Forest

 A party theme idea that plays into the more spooky parts of the Harry Potter world, the Forbidden Forest is perfect for a Halloween party. Though it may be difficult to procure Aragog for your party (giant spiders exist but they aren’t that big), centaurs are undoubtedly doable. Forest fauns are characters we have provided many times before whilst what could be more magical than Living Topiary coming alive during your party? You could even make use of some magical lighting from iPower Cordless Lighting (which thing about it now, would be perfect for any Potter Party). Lumos!

Hogwarts Express

 A slightly more difficult theme to pull off, having a party on a real steam train would go down a storm with Potter fans! Guests can start in one carriage and slowly move through the rest of the train to discover its many themed delights! Kitty La Roar has performed on the Orient Express before and would bring a touch of class to the occasion, whilst various magicians could perform as you make your way past the magicians in the buffet car and beyond. Just beware for a dementor may very well be lurking somewhere on the train...


 For older Harry Potter fans, a party theme set in a large library will no doubt be just perfect. Perhaps a pianist can accompany the proceedings or a harpist can play a tune. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, you’ll know that young Hermione Granger suffered at the hands of the basilisk in the library, which could therefore be the perfect setting for a CSI experience! Just watch out for various costumed characters and magicians making vital pieces of evidence disappear.

Three Broomsticks

 Of course, you could also go for the Hog’s Head Inn (check out our Potter knowledge), but The Three Broomsticks always felt a little more welcoming. With Butterbeer and delicious treats no doubt being provided by a wonderful caterer, the pub can be transformed however you may like! A brilliant band like The Brotherhood can really get the party going, especially if Jarvis Cocker isn’t available to reprise his role as Myron Wagtail of the The Weird Sisters.

Yule Ball

 If a dance is what you’re after at your party then this approach to the Harry Potter theme is exactly what you’re after. Everybody can dress up and dance to their heart’s content, perhaps learning a few steps from one of our many talented dancers. Admittedly, this theme is only available at Christmas but that needn’t be a problem; it simply means you can hire some Living Christmas Trees to add humour to the occasion, whilst a soft layer of fake snow is a must!

Room of Requirement

 Well, what could be a more perfect setting for a party than utilising the magic of the Room of Requirement? The ultimate get-out for any Harry Potter party event planner, one can theme the room however they’d like and claim it’s exactly what the Room of Requirement provided for the party. Comediansspeakerscircus performers... Any and all can fit in to the Room of Requirement amidst whatever themed options are available at the time. Christmas? Fine. Alice in Wonderland? Also good but a tad meta. Whatever theme you’re after, the Room of Requirement can provide and still ensure that you are enjoying a Harry Potter party. Hooray!




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By Henry Fosdike