Party Theme Ideas - Frozen (for Adults)

December 01, 2015

One of the most popular films of the last few years, Frozen continues to take the world by storm, especially in the 2-7 year old age bracket (if that’s an acceptable place to bracket off ages rather than the usual ‘3-5’) and you’ve no doubt been asked to host a Frozen party for your little one. But this is not just a theme for children, oh no! What with Christmas parties being upon us, this is the perfect time to ponder turning it into a Frozen theme but with a number of additions to ensure that any Scrooges at the party quickly turn into the embodiment of Christmas cheer!

Ice Luge

 Yes, we’re wasting no time getting into the swing of things with our Frozen-themed entertainment. What does the word ‘frozen’ imply? Yup, ice. And what do most people expect upon arriving at a party? That’s right, a drink. Now what better way to combine these two expectations at your Christmassy Frozen party than by kicking things off with an Ice Luge! Admittedly the drink has to be enjoyed pretty much instantaneously but hey, it’s a perfect way to get guests into the swing of things. And if you want to link it a little more easily to Disney’s Frozen, just pretend that the entire ice luge (or Vodka luge?!) is a model and that somewhere on that track is where Kristoff rides his sleigh with his reindeer companion Sven.

Ice Sculpture

 Speaking of Kristoff, any Frozen fan worth their salt will tell you that he is an iceman, responsible for cutting out blocks of ice for the people of Arendelle. Now since an actual iceman cutting out blocks of ice at a party probably isn’t that exciting to watch (and transporting the pre-cut ice is probably hugely expensive), what better way than to bring the magic of Kristoff’s profession to light with some Frozen ice sculptures! And by that we mean an ice sculptor creating a model of Olaf for your Christmas party. With a chainsaw. Now that is sure to impress.

Fake Snow

 Because what could be more Christmassy than fake snow? You may be thinking that fake snow indoors just doesn’t work but cast your mind back to the very beginning of Frozen where Elsa first uses her powers, creating lovely little slopes of snow which she and her sister Anna play in. Wouldn’t that look fabulous inside a large venue like Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall? Yes, yes it would. Naturally you can also make your own Olaf out of the snow and pose with it at a specially created photobooth too!


 As previously mentioned, iceman Kristoffer goes everywhere with his best mate Sven, who just so happens to be a reindeer. Now we can’t promise the real Sven at your event as he’s just too busy promoting his extensive line of soft toys, but a real life reindeer at your party will surely be enough to keep the masses quiet. We recently provided two for a fun occasion at the British Museum. Aww!

Costumed Characters

 To be honest, this one is just a given. The very least that people would expect from a Frozen-themed Christmas party are some costumed characters. Now you may be thinking, “But isn’t that more of a thing for children? Adults wouldn’t like that would they?” But you’d be very, very wrong for costumed characters are one of our most popular forms of entertainment. Guests can never get enough.

Naturally there are many, many more ideas that unfortunately couldn’t be included in this blog from incredible Frozen-themed cocktails to hosting something at the wonderful Icetank! You name it, we’ve done it, so feel free to get in touch for any more party theme ideas.




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By Henry Fosdike