Party Theme Ideas - Eighties Themed Party

August 22, 2016

With Stranger Things currently being talked about by almost everyone with their finger on the pop-culture pulse and a political landscape that looks similar to the rule of the Iron Lady, the eighties appear to be everywhere at the moment and we thought we’d help you out in looking to hire entertainment for an 80s themed party by accumulating a few fab acts inspired by the decade that brought us Bananarama, The Bangles and…err… Bros.

Retro Games

 Let’s be honest, if you’ve arranged an eighties party and there’s no Pacman, Dig Dug or Galaxian, then someone’s going to have to apologise! Yes, some of those games may very well have been created in the 1970s but the 1980s are when they really took off. With our Joypad retro game hire, you’ll be able to play all your favourite 8-bit hits including Super Mario, Sonic, Tetris and more!


 Nothing quite says the 1980s like questionable facial hair and the rise of the shell suit, which dominated high streets for some bizarre reason. Did nobody have a mirror back then? The Acrochaps are an incredible trio of acrobats who bring a touch of comedy to their routine and can actually dress in pretty much any way that you require. We’ve had them in various costumes across a number of decades before, but the eighties-inspired look is the one we loved the most. Circus entertainment at its very best.

Bolli Canapé Darlings

 There’s just something about the 1980s, isn’t there? When it comes to picking a party theme, it has the right mixture of questionable cool alongside the ridiculous and with that idea firmly in your mind, we present the barmy but brilliant Bolli Canapé Darlings. Look at that head piece! Available to present your guests with a variety of flavoursome foods, the Darlings will look right at home at your event with a flamboyance that wouldn’t look out of place in a Peter Greenaway film.

Speed Cuber

 Alongside video games, the Rubik’s Cube is a classic image that embodies everything we remember about the eighties. Rigid corners and sides (see those 8-bit games we talked about earlier), incredibly dull colour schemes and a finale that’ll leave you amazed and overjoyed (just ask Berlin). Yes, speed cubers don’t just solve the blasted puzzle but do it so quickly that you’ll be desperate to learn the tricks of the trade! You get to mess it up and less than ten seconds later, you’ll get it back in perfect condition! How? We have no idea but it’s crazily impressive entertainment to have at your event!

Tron Dancers

 That theme tune! That Neon! Or should we say Nee-on? Yes, our stupidly cool dance group will have you recalling the brilliant Jeff Bridges film of the 1980s with their fluid dance moves and superb LED-covered costumes. Dim the lights and allow that neon glow to permeate the room, all to a Daft Punk soundtrack if you so desire! Awesome.


 There had to be at least one eighties band in this list and we are happy to endorse the brilliant Tokyo, an eighties version of Bellissima, one of our most popular wedding bands. In truth, Tokyo can play music from a variety of decades, but if it’s the 1980s you’re after then it’s probably best to just ask for tunes from the era of Michael Jackson, WHAM! and Madonna. If you’re looking to hire an eighties band, you can’t go wrong with Tokyo.


 We were unsure if hula-hooping is more of a seventies or eighties thing, but whichever one you decide, we still think it’d look right at home at a 1980s themed evening. We’ve never been able to spin a hoop around our waist longer than a couple of seconds but these amazing hula hoopers can revolve hoops around various limbs at the same time, all whilst chatting to you and posing for selfies. An incredible skill matched with a marvellous costume, Super Hoopers make for tremendous entertainment.

If you’re looking to theme a party around a particular decade or idea, then please feel free to get in touch at the links below.



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By Henry Fosdike