Party Theme Ideas - Alice in Wonderland

August 28, 2018

Event planners love organising a party around a specific theme. It makes sense since most guests turning should at least have some familiarity with the world they are about to experience. Perhaps the most popular party theme out of the many out there (and there are a lot…hence this series of blogs!) are parties based around Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland (actually called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland but who calls it that?) Putting together Alice in Wonderland party ideas is something that simply requires imagination and a whole lot of fun. And the best bit is that unlike our previous blogs, we’ve done so many Alice in Wonderland events that we can inspire you with real photos from events!

For this blog, we are simply going to look at the Alice in Wonderland characters and show you how we’ve utilised them in the past!

Alice in Wonderland

 Well… No event is complete without an Alice, right? For many children’s parties, parents prefer Alice to simply be a strolling costumed character, allowing the kids to interact with Alice throughout the day. When it comes to Alice in Wonderland party ideas for adults though, there are a multitude of possible ideas, only limited to your imagination. A case in point? We hired a contortionist to play Alice at an event at the Globe in 2013 as the brilliant photo shows!

The White Rabbit

 “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!” Alice in Wonderland quotes help to inspire us when we’re event planning and none more so than the White Rabbit, whom we often use to best showcase our Alice in Wonderland costumes! Aside from holding the clock, the White Rabbit is also known for playing the trumpet as he delivers his fanfare. So you could use him as a musician… But since he welcomes Alice to Wonderland in the books, the White Rabbit is also perfect as a host for the evening!

Mad Hatter

 An Alice in Wonderland party supplies event planners with a whole host of entertaining characters, perhaps embodied by The Mad Hatter. A wonderfully diverse character and after Alice, probably the most well-known and most requested at parties, the Mad Hatter is perfect when used as a costume for bands as well as magicians. The picture seen above was taken from our fabulous Alice in Wonderland event at One Marylebone in April

Queen of Hearts

 This villainous characters provides an opportunity for not only a stunning Queen of Hearts costume but also a little creativity, especially if you’re inspired by the Tim Burton Disney film. In that particular movie, the Queen of Hearts had a huge head and dwarfed those around her. Now, we decided that an enlarged head would be a little too exaggerated for our Alice in Wonderland event at Westminster Abbey, but we could certainly work with the height. So it was that Alice is seen here next to an almost-impossibly huge Queen, who dutifully looked down on every guest from up high. Thank goodness for stilt walkers!

Cheshire Cat

 There’s something endearingly creepy about the Cheshire Cat constantly smiling face, but he remains a much-loved Alice in Wonderland character (even though his character predates the novels!) It’s difficult to place a character that so often disappears, but we’ve put him forward as a hoop juggler and a roue cyr performer in the past, where the cat’s tail naturally enhanced Billy’s strength and balance. Clever.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

 The bumbling and often confused duo are another set of characters that are often requested by clients, but serve up a slight conundrum to event planners. How best to put them together for an event? One obviously doesn’t work; you need two and they have to always be together, so magicians are out. Step forward both DJs and jugglers! Circus performers were perfect in the role at a private party, whilst Freight Train have also dressed as the famous brothers. As a bonus fact, Tweedledee and Tweedledum don’t actually appear in Alice in Wonderland but make their first appearance in Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice Found There.

With the UK seemingly more in love than ever with Alice in Wonderland (the theme has also been used for corporate events and Sweet 16 parties), the multitude of characters allows some truly inspired work. We’ve also put forward the Dormouse as a balloon artist, transformed playing cards into ballet dancers and even brought Wonderland to guests in the form of Living Topiary. Perhaps a rather more straightforward Alice in Wonderland tea party is up next but until then, we’ll keep on pondering new and wonderful ideas! 




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By Henry Fosdike