What is an Overseer at an Event?

September 24, 2019

“What is an overseer at an event?” is a question that we are being increasingly asked and we felt it might make sense to write a blog on it to answer these queries! So what is an overseer at an event?

We love booking top quality entertainment at corporate events all across London. From luxury hotels like The Ritz to stunning art galleries and museums like The National Gallery or The V&A, we offer entertainment to these absolutely gorgeous venues each and every night of the week. One night it will be the Tower of London, the next it will be The Savoy; we never know quite which entertainment will be booked but we always know that it will be the best that London has to offer!

But what is an overseer at an event? In short, in order to provide some of these sensational performers at these corporate events, private parties and weddings, the venues like to know that we have a handle on things should anything have even the remotest possibility of going wrong. What if one of the musicians is late? What if the event is running behind? Is everything okay with the circus performer and the stage size? There is no end to the questions that pop up on occasion.

An overseer at an event is therefore providing piece of mind. Ensuring that everything that is meant to happen goes absolutely perfectly, exactly as according to plan. They are a go-between for the event planner and the act to ensure that everybody is on the same page and, at very large events, they may also coordinate the start of one act and the end of another, helping performers get to and from the stage to the dressing room.

They aren’t necessarily required at every event (though some venues do require them), but you can always request one if you so wish.

We hope this blog has answered any question you may have about an overseer – they tend to be an employee of Sternberg Clarke or the act performing – and if you do have any more questions about them then please feel free to get in touch using the contact details below.



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By Henry Fosdike