Our Favourite Events of 2012 (Part 2)

December 21, 2012



In our last post, we began our look back at our favourite events from 2012 and unless the world did end in the meantime, you’re probably wondering what other events we were particularly proud to be involved in during 2012. It's these ones.

 Wandering Hands, Dan and ToneAcity on the Silver Sturgeon

We could probably make an entire post of ‘Best Wandering Hands Gigs from 2012’ as they’ve played pretty much everywhere over the course of the year, however this event saw them team up with equally popular magician Dan and West End tribute act ToneAcity for an event aboard the Silver Sturgeon.

 Freight Train, Dancers and Contortionist at the Bloomsbury Ballroom

To help launch the recently reopened Bloomsbury Ballroom we offered up a selection of acts to fit the building’s Art Deco Motif, from vintage dancers to an Electro-Swing DJ set from DJ duo Freight Train –our acts helped the venue start as they meant to go on.   

 Magic Month Showcase at the Canal Cafe Theatre

We declared Magic Month in October in which we put the spotlight firmly on the men and women who make it their life’s work to elicit gasps of bewildered puzzlement. As a final flourish for the month we put on a Magic Night that showcased some of our favourite magicians and mentalists. There’s also video here.

English National Ballet at Mansion House

One of the most spectacular performances of the year came from the English National Ballet who we worked with for a performance at Mansion House. The dancers from the world famous ballet company performed excerpts from Swan Lake and the Nutcracker for a high profile corporate event.

 Roue Cyr and Kyan for Strictly SW7 at the Natural History Museum

After the success of last year’s event, Strictly SW7 returned to showcase the Science Museum, the V&A and the Natural History Museum. Charged with the task of topping the previous year’s performances from Le Gateau Chocolat and Wandering Hands, we chose to show off the Roue Cyr backed elegantly by singer pianist Kyan.

For more information on booking any of the acts featured in this post – head over to our contact page and get in touch.

By Garreth Owen