Our Picks for the Best Dance Events This February

February 03, 2012



Throughout Dance Month, we're going to be going out to see some of the best Dance Acts and shows in London with a view to finding new dance acts for the Corporate Events Market. But why should we have all the fun? If we know about a great show coming up in February, why should we keep it to ourselves? We shouldn't, is why. So we're sharing our boundless knowledge (gleaned from a cursory scan of Time Out... no, that's not what it was) to bring you our Top 5 Picks for the Best Dance Shows This February

The Richard ASlston Dance Company at the Queen Elizabeth Hall
Richard Alston Dance Company at Queen Elizabeth Hall

4th Feb

As part of the British Dance Edition, the UK's leading Dance Showcase event, the world renowned dance company lead by influential choreographer Richard Alston, will perform Alston's most recent work Unfinished Business - set to Mozart's Piano Sonata (Op. K533). The British Dance Edition is being held in the nation's capital for the first time as part of the build up to the 2012 Olympics so there's already a great deal of interest in the performances taking place throughout February. But Alston's instinctive musicality combined with some of the best dancers in the UK is sure to make this a highlight in the Dance events calendar. 

The Rodin Project The Rodin Project at Saddler's Wells

5th Feb

Another part of the British Dance Edition, the Russell Maliphant Dance Company's innovative new show features music from Russian Composer Alexander Zekke, set design by Es Devlin and Bronia Housman and costumes from Stevie Stewart as well as lighting from long-term collaborator Michael Hulls. The show takes inspiration from the works of French Sculptor August Rodin featuring an energising mix of breaking, popping and contemporary dance. 

The Royal National Ballet's performance of The Dream Royal Ballet - The Dream/Song of the Earth at the Royal Opera House

8th Feb

Sir Frederick Ashton and Kenneth MacMillan display the diversity and versatility of the Royal Ballet with back to back performances in a single program. Set to Mendelssohn's music (the ubiquitous wedding march should be pretty familiar to any Wedding Planners reading), Ashton's interpretation of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream shows how playful, witty and inventive Ballet can be while MacMillian's take on Mahler's Song of the Earth song cycle (based on Chinese T’ang dynasty poetry) tackles existential questions through dance with profound effect.

Resolution! 2012 Dance Events Taking Place at The Place Theatre Throughout February This Year Resolution! 2012 at The Place Theatre

All Feb

The Place Theatre's commitment to showcasing new and exciting choreographers is best displayed in its Resolution! season which features a staggering line-up of over 70 works spread across a month of triple bill performances. Previous artists who have featured over the course of Resolution's 23 years include the aforementioned Russell Maliphant, Mark Baldwin, Wayne McGregor, Charlotte Vincent, Jasmin Vardimon and Hofesh Shechter. With scant information besides a brief quote for each show, there's little to go on, but considering the pedigree of past performers, it's safe to say that Resolution! is definitely something to look into this month.

Singing In the Rain On Stage Singing In the Rain at the Palace Theatre

4th Feb Onwards

Plenty of musicals make the jump from stage to screen, and plenty make the jump in the opposite direction - but for a film so concerned with the business of filmmaking 'Singing in the Rain' is, in some ways an odd candidate for the adaptation treatment. In most other ways though, it's not.  Brimming with iconic routines and memorable moments, Jonathan Church’s production faithfully recreates the classic movie with enough new touches to make it worth the trip out on a cold February night. Expect the Palace Theatre to be packed out for the foreseeable future.