Our Most Memorable Events of the Year 2015

December 29, 2015

We provide entertainment for hundreds of events each month but every now and again, we’re involved in one that has to be seen to be believed. As such, we make sure to take lots of photos to prove just how incredible this particular event was and just for you, a selection of the most exciting events from 2015 are below. Who knows what 2016 will hold?! 

Aerial Hoop @ Sothebys

 A stunning event from early March, this aerial hoop performance was displayed at Sotheby’s as part of their celebrations for ‘Bear Witness’. Not only was the production absolutely stunning – the background adds a certain something to the event – but the costumes were designed specially for the performers and are available to be hired from our special department (you don’t have to, but they’d be perfect for Hallowe’en!)

 I Heart Parties @ Under the Bridge

 Ah, one of the events industry’s memorable showcases! Is there anything better? Not if this party was anything to go by. Guests were welcomed into Under the Bridge at Cheslea FC’s  Stamford Bridge, where they were greeted by the ever-popular Wandering Hands and acrobalance trio, Acrochaps. Throw in some members of the Dhol Foundation, an incredible set by Beatvox and a barnstorming set from Hand Fulla Soul and you have yourself one hell of a party. Roll on next year!

 Alice in Wonderland @ One Marylebone

 The works of Lewis Carroll are an ever-present party theme with a number of events each month requesting something that links into Wonderland, be it the Cheshire Cat or the Queen of Hearts. Both were requested for this incredible event at One Marylebone, where balloon artists, actors, a juggler and Dan the magician were all on hand to ensure that the event went without a hitch. And since you’re no doubt wondering, no, we were not late for this most important of dates.

 Glitterball @ Playboy London

 Shimmer! Shine! Sparkle! That’s right, it’s time for a Glitterball at Playboy London. An impressive array of acts came out to help bring some seventies magic to this exclusive night out in Mayfair with Superhoopers and Motown Gold helping to get the party started before Smooth Sailors and a specially commissioned version of Sphere Contortion wowed guests. The ultimate entrance however, was reserved for the Mirror Man. Looking at the photos, it isn’t hard to see why.  

 Phantom of the Opera @ Natural History Museum

 We’ve often marvelled at the way Heintze Hall can be changed to accommodate a multitude of different events, but even we were stunned by the beauty of arranging Phantom of the Opera within the Natural History Museum’s sumptuous surroundings. Using performers who had played the main parts in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous show on the West End, and providing the costumes to back it up, this was a performance of pure class that outlines just how unique a corporate or private event can be.

National Gallery Launch Night

In July, the National Gallery relaunched their approach to events, allowing anyone and everyone to book the gallery should they so wish! In order to help celebrate this occasion (and show off just what an amazing venue it is - blog here), they contacted us to provide the entertainment. From the Blind Tigers and a harpist to a silhouette artist and Organic Jam, we ensure only the best!


Carousel @ Copthorne Hotel, Effingham

Top outfit Carousel are known for their breathtaking wonder and scenery, which was something that the entire crowd enjoyed when they unleashed their entertaining circus display in Effingham.


Patrick Ness w/ Gemma Cairney @ Waterstones Piccadilly

Okay, this one may not look spectacular from an all out entertainment, visual spectacle kind of view, but when it comes to entertainment, there are so many different kinds! The fans of Patrick Ness wanted a fab event to hear about his new book and we provided Gemma Cairney to present, help things stay on track and best of all, keep it fun!

Royal Wedding @ One Mayfair

You may be forgiven for thinking that the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton took place in 2011 (is it really that long?!) but what you might not know is that they renewed their wedding vows in September 2015 at One Mayfair. Well, it looks like themanyway...

Dolce Vita @ Baglioni Hotel

Dolce Vita are a fabulous new act that we soft-launched in 2015 ready for a full scale assault on the events industry in 2016. Inspired by Fellini and Italian music of the 1950s, they are a splendid function band that will wow the room with their luxurious cabaret entertainment and stunning costumes and showtunes.

Huge Psychedelic Event @ Hotel Café Royal

Our corporate client went all out on their entertainment for this one with Superhoopers, shisha and even a fortune teller in attendance at this psychedelic event at Hotel Café Royal to keep the guests entertained. A perfect example of what can happen when you give us a theme and we run with it!


Beatvox, Bea, Harpist and Marching Band @ Old Royal Naval College

An event filled with gorgeous performances inside arguably the most beautiful venue in London, Beatvox, a marching band and a harpist combined to satisfy a corporate client who were only in the capital for a few days before heading back to the United States. It may even have provided us with our favourite photo of the year (see title photo at the top of the page)!

Collabro, Stellini, Fuze and FTF @ Old Billingsgate

As Christmas neared, the events just did not stop! Admittedly when this event stunned guests at Old Billingsgate, there were still a couple of months to go but admire the scale of the event we put on for this corporate client! A constant stream of entertainment including Britain's Got Talent winners Collabro ensured that everybody had a fantastic evening. 

Banqueting House Street Party

Our mega blog on the Banqueting House Street Party shows off everything there was to enjoy at this Historical Royal Palaces venue and if there isn't something to grab your attention, then we'll be surprised! AcrochapsSphere Contortion and Elle & the Pocket Belles were just a few of the acts on display that left the private party stunned.

So there you have it! Just a small portion of the incredible events we have helped to organise this year. What does the future hold?

Well, why not follow Mr. Tumnus and the Ice Queen (from a recent event) through to Narnia...or maybe they'll take us through to 2016? We'll just have to wait and see!





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By Henry Fosdike