Our Clients' Favourite Entertainment Experiences

March 31, 2011


Even when you can't see Entertainment, you can see the effects of Entertainment. In that way it's like Gravity... except most of the time you can see Entertainment. You can never see Gravity.


In the run up to the launch of our fancy schmancy do they think they're better than us? new website, we've been asking a few of our favourite, most attractive, witty, intelligent and knowledgeable clients about the entertainment experiences that have stuck with them for one reason or another. Some of them are pretty impressive, and all of our clients managed to avoid the temptation to pick one of our events, so we thought we'd share some with you - the blog reader, yes both of you.


So without further ado...

Micha Wyatt - Head of Sales and Marketing Woods Silver Fleet

ACT: The Smiths

VENUE: The Greek Amphitheatre, Berkeley, California, USA 1986

WHY IT WAS SO GREAT: As a teenage anglophile, I had an unhealthy obsession with the Smiths. My friends and I managed to convince our parents to let us go to their 'Queen is Dead' concert. I didn't have my driving license yet but one of my friends did and she drove us there in her vintage Pinto, singing along to a cassette tape of the Smiths the whole way to Berkeley. When the band came on stage we all screamed and cried in hysterics. I don't think I've been that excited ever since... It was my Beatle-mania moment.



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Robin Parker - General Manager at Church House Conference Centre

ACT: Sammy Davis Jr at

VENUE: The London Palladium in 1978 (ish)

WHY IT WAS SO GREAT: “The first time you see someone who is a genuine international star is very special, someone who walks onto a stage and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and can then deliver two hours of stunning entertainment, it is without doubt a night I will never forget.”



Trevor Foley Managing Director of TF Connect

ACT: Tom Robinson


WHY IT WAS SO GREAT: A Fab, Upbeat, musical entertainment evening with a really cosy athmosphere. I was celebrating 20 years of friendship with two of my long term friends. Tom's stories were amusing and memorable. I Met my now-wife the next day. hat a weekend!

(Interestingly enough, one of our Pianists - Mark Ambler, used to be in Tom Robinson's Band)



Austen Hawkins, Managing Director of f2fEvents

ACT: Lee Evans

VENUE: The Maritime Rooms, Southend (small bar under the Cliffs Pavilion) approx 1988

WHY IT WAS SO GREAT: From the very first second he [Lee] had the Southend crowd in the palm of his hands. I have never ever seen a standing ovation, before or since, at any comedy gig but he got one that went on and on and on. Lee had the place in absolute uproar with 150 people screaming for more… …when we left my mate turned to me and said we had just seen a comedy genius at work and that Lee would go on to be a superstar.”



Kate Disley - Group Marketing Manager - Confex

ACT: Jamiroquai

VENUE: Hippodrome, July 2005

It was Jamiroquai's album launch to a small crowd of the music industry. Fantastic complimentary cocktails and canapés. I was stood right in front of the stage by chance and so it was like having my own private performance by Jay Kay, performing the old classics and the new album



Jeremy King, Editor of Event Magazine

ACT: New Order

VENUE: Finsbury Park, 1999

This was the first time that New Order had played Joy Division songs since the death of Ian Curtis- which made the whole thing very poignant.



If you've got your own Entertainment Experiences that you'd like to share, write them in that there below yonder 'comments' section. It would be most appreciated.