Our Christmas Entertainment Ideas Brochure 2015 is Out Now

October 01, 2015

It’s the festive file of the season!

Yes, it’s finally here. The Sternberg Clarke Christmas Entertainment brochure for 2015.

Unfolding over 18 fabulous slides, the snappily titled ‘Christmas Entertainment Ideas 2015’ not only provides you with superb acts for your event but also a few choice words on what to expect.

A few pieces of entertainment feature a handy ‘play’ icon. No prizes for guessing exactly what happens when you click on it. (If you’re stumped, it’ll take you to a YouTube video where you can see the performer or performers in action at an event.)

 But here at Sternberg Clarke, we want to give you even more than that. So because it’s (approaching) Christmas, we thought we’d also tell you exactly how much each entertainment act costs as well.

You can’t say we don’t treat you well, folks! Have a browse and see what takes your fancy (our personal favourite might just be Bjorn the Polar Bear...) and feel free to get in touch should you want any more information.

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By Henry Fosdike