Our Acts at Glastonbury 2019

June 27, 2019

Are you off to Glastonbury today? If you are off to the festival after work and are intrigued to know which Sternberg Clarke entertainment acts you can see whilst wandering about the site, we figured we would give you a nice list of just a few. Naturally it isn’t an exhaustive list of acts that we have booked (many interactive options will be strolling around) but see if you can spot them!

The Charlalas

The Charlalas are a recent act that we have booked for the Natural History Museum. A cockney character trio, they will sing a few classic East London harmonies alongside helping you in a whole host of ways. A very friendly trio, you may be able to find them at Glastonbury on Sea, a new area for 2019.

Lekiddo, Lord of the Lobsters

 An absolute Glastonbury legend, Lekiddo proclaims himself as Lord of the Lobsters and popped by the office last year to impress us with his sea-themed set. With his popular festival catchphrase (“Show me your claws!”) he will be spreading the ‘lobster love’ no less than seven times at Glastonbury this year, Catch him at the Rabbit Hole, The Summer House, The Gateway or A Little More Sensation. He’s unlike any other act and received a five star review in The Guardian.

Brass Funkeys

 The Brass Funkeys are a superb brass function band that deliver classic pop songs with their brass instruments. We’ve boked them a few times this year and we think they are a perfect act to relax to at Glastonbury 2019. You can catch their somewhat unique performances at The Bandstand, the Croissant Neuf, Shangri-Hell International TV and The Rabbit Hole. Phew!

The Flowerpots and The Radioheads

 We love the people behind these acts because they often provide inventive entertainment that nobody else will have ever thought about. We have booked them for gigs at both the V&A and Syon House in the past, where they appeared as The Flowerpots and The Radioheads respectively. For extra points, try and grab a selfie with both The Radioheads and Thom Yorke at the same time (if he’s there). These acts (or perhaps some of their other offerings) will be most easily found doing walkabouts.

The Hummingbirds

 Stilt walkers are a classic festival site and The Hummingbirds are exactly the kind of stilt walkers you expect to see at Glastonbury. With their flamboyant costumes, the Hummingbirds look like…well, Hummingbirds and you’d be hard pressed to miss them if nearby. They will be doing walkabouts throughout the weekend.

Magic Singh

 Also doing walkabouts are a host of magicians that we have booked over the years, chief amongst them being Magic Singh. If you love to see close-up magic with props, cards or anything else at all, we highly advise checking him out as he does walkabout throughout the weekend. From vanishes to flourishes and much more, we think you’ll absolutely love him!

Mystery Guest

The final act that we have booked in the past is a bit of a big name that we probably shouldn’t mention but we hope you see their headline set if you aren’t getting busy elsewhere.

For more information on any of the acts mentioned above, please do get in touch using the contact details below. If you’re off to Glastonbury we are hugely envious and make sure you have a fab time!





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By Henry Fosdike