Our 5 Favourite Ways To Enjoy Karaoke at Events

December 17, 2013

It is widely (or perhaps not so widely) known that here at Sternberg Clarke we love a bit of Karaoke. We know all the words to ‘Ignition’ without looking at the screen, we can do the harmonies to ‘Two Become One’...  we can even tell you with complete confidence that is translates from Japanese into ‘empty orchestra’ and not ‘drunk Japanese businessman’ as some might have you believe.

But Karaoke isn’t just the ‘thing we’re doing after Christmas lunch this year’ – it’s also an amazing interactive activity to have at events. It can be a chance for your guests to let their hair down and have a one of a kind bonding experience. In this blog we offer up our 5 favourite ways to enjoy Karaoke at events. 5 ways? Yes... 5. 


Like that translation of the word ‘Karaoke’ earlier? Yeah? Well get this – in Hawaiian, the word ‘Ukulele’ roughly translates as ‘jumping flea’. Even more interestingly, the uke was extremely popular in early 20th Century Japan but when Western music was banned during WWII a secret ring of underground ukulele players kept their favourite tunes alive. What I’m trying to say is, you can do karaoke with ukuleles. It’s called KaraUke. It’s good. They know all the songs. You’d like it.


Ever wanted to front your own band? Rockeoke lets guests do just that without any of the pesky rehearsing, touring, song-writing, artistic differences, substance abuse and spouse stealing. With a mind boggling repertoire of tunes reaching back decades and spanning genres, Rockaoke is a great way to take your karaoke experience to the next level – but not the level after that with the artistic differences and substance abuse.


Is it a caravan? Is it Karaoke? It is both! And also neither. (No, it’s both – I was just trying to make it sound mysterious.) A great set up that works particularly well for Summer weddings and garden parties, this kitsch caravan lets you sing to your heart’s content in the privacy of your own portable karaoke booth. Karaoke will never be the same. Neither will caravans.


These karaoke ideas are great n’ all but I don’t feel like my guests are getting the cardio vascular work-out that I like my events to give them. What a strange and seemingly ridiculous request, you might think but then realise that you were wrong to think that. Part breathless sing-along, part endurance test; Cardioke places wannabe pop stars on an exercise bike and tasks them with completing their chosen tune whilst burning as many calories as they can. The choice between Song 2 In-a-Gadda-D-Vida has never been easier.

Bespoke Karaoke Booth

If you’ve got a decent sized room going free at your venue, rather than turning it into a reserve cloakroom or phone charging station – why not turn it into a fully fledge Japanese style Karaoke booth with a machine, big screens and a host? I’ll tell you why not, because you didn’t know you could do that until you read the previous sentence. But now that you know that, why not? Exactly.

If you are interested in having Karaoke at your event in any form, head over to our contact page to get in touch.