Our 3 Most Booked Christmas Acts

November 29, 2016

We’ve been saying it for the past few months but it really pays to book Christmas entertainment far in advance in order to have your pick of what’s on offer. You see, the later you leave it, the more stressed you’ll end up being due to various acts filling up their diary quicker than you can sing the Twelve Days of Christmas. Without further ado then. Let’s see which three types of acts you should book earlier next year to ensure that you have a stress free run up to Christmas!

Christmas Choir

A perennial favourite each and every year, choirs are being booked up left right and centre for your events and Christmas parties. They are in fact so popular that we have to narrow down exactly what you’d like from a choir before knowing which group of singers to recommend. The classic Christmas carols that we all know and love? Hark the Herald (who can even dress up in a Dickensian style as seen above). A huge choir featuring upwards of thirty singers? London Contemporary Voices are perfect for you! But like we say, all our choirs are being booked up extremely quickly so do get in fast if you’d like to hire a choir for your Christmas party, especially if you’d like them to learn a special song in advance!


 We all love the magic of Christmas and for that reason, it seems everybody understands how important it is to have an illusionist or a chillusionist at your event. The former is very much what you might expect when you book a magician for a Christmas party – well dressed, charming as hell and with incredible sleight of hand. The latter is a Christmassy version of our magician who takes on a Jack Frost-type look! In their specially created costume, they certainly impress and are perfect for this Instagram and Snapchat obsessed world!


 Oh boy. This is the big one. Our clients book so many DJs over late November and early December that we now have to have a chart on our office wall to keep track of just where we’re sending all our fabulous musical maestros. Just a quick glance at this setup is enough to identify who is still free for a certain date and…err… well all I can say is that I’m not seeing too much white space. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly slots available but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to personally choose the DJ for you. They’re just too popular! So if you see a DJ you like over the next half a year, be sure to book them in for your Christmas party well in advance or come December, you’ll be left listening to those pesky adverts on Spotify every five minutes. You have been warned!

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By Henry Fosdike