Organising an American Themed Wedding - Wedding Wednesday

November 23, 2016

Has anybody else noticed that the USA appear to be in the news a lot recently? America is everywhere, thanks in no small part to the election two weeks ago and the fact that Thanksgiving and Black Friday occur over the next two days. We thought it’d be fun to focus on the country as a means to hold your very own American themed wedding with some exciting American themed entertainment thrown in.

With an American themed wedding, you don’t want to just ‘have a go’, you want it to be full of all things Americana because let’s be honest, our friends across the Atlantic aren’t exactly the most subtle bunch of people on earth. No, they love a celebration and they love their country! No matter whether you’re looking to host a wedding with an American theme because you and your partner met in New York or perhaps one of you is American or because you just love the country, this is the ultimate guide to holding an American themed wedding with the finest US entertainment around.

Uncle Sam

 You might be think it odd that you have Uncle Sam at your wedding but what American themed extravaganza would be complete without their most iconic character? For those that missed the memo on the theme of your big day (the ‘We Need You’ invites weren’t enough a clue), this should act as a nice moment to ease them in to the idea of an American themed wedding before the rest of the fun starts. Plus if you’re inviting Americans to your wedding then they’ll be delighted to see the costumed character performing a meet and greet!

Hill Valley Joes/Doolally Tap

 If you’re looking to hire wedding entertainment then we know for a fact that you’ll be wanting to hire a band or two. The thing about the US is that it has so many genres so if you’re looking for common requests like Motown or soul, you’re sorted! We have a lot of bands like that (just see our music section) but if you’re wanting something from another genre, we can totally do that too! The Hill Valley Joes can bring some bluegrass to your big day whilst Doolally Tap are the ultimate New Orleans style jazz band. They look the part, they sound the part and they’ll wow your guests!

 Cheerleaders/Dance Performance

 “Goooooooo Newlyweds!” You can imagine it already, can’t you? If you met over a mutual love of cheerleading or want as good a reference as you can to the American High School system, then cheerleaders are a must. If you prefer High School Musical or Glee, then we highly recommend ToneAcity, a fantastic12-strong all-singing, all-dancing troupe who we’ve had singing all manner of West End songs over the years. For you though, we recommend a parade of American show tunes from Broadway. We can almost hear the opening bars of A Chorus Line now!  

 Hot Dog/Candy Floss/Snow Cone Trikes

 An American themed wedding will be nothing without an appropriate decoration of your wedding venue. We’ll leave the actual nuts and bolts of design your space to the professionals – Rio Lounge offer some helpful tips here – but you can add to the surroundings with some delightful interactive American entertainment. We’re thinking these delightful old school trikes that come in many forms, but to fit with a ‘Diner’ feel, you might want a Hot Dog, Candy Floss or even a Snow Cone trike. There are many more so do get in touch if there’s a particular food offering you’d prefer!

If you’re interested in any of these wonderful American entertainment offerings then get in touch using the contact details below. If you’re looking for something slightly different then have a peruse of the site and find that special something for your wedding day!



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By Henry Fosdike