Organic Jam, Carolers and Magician on the Silver Sturgeon

January 31, 2012


 So frequent and numerous were our Christmas events towards the end of 2011, that a handful managed to slip through the grasps of even the mighty web-log, and it's only in the cold light of January that we can really appreciate them fully. Case in point; this event aboard the Woods' Silver Sturgeon where we supplied a couple of our most enduringly popular acts and a Christmas Entertainment staple.

Our Christmas Carolers performing on the pier as guests board the Silver Sturgeon
Greeting guests on the pier were our Carol choir who braved the biting cold on the bank of the Thames to welcome guests with a selection of traditional Christmas Carols. Surrounded by dozens of Candles placed on the pier, the Choir set the mood perfectly for a contemporary Christmas event.

Organic Jam DJ Carlo performing on board the Silver Sturgeon
Providing an evening’s worth of sleek, contemporary background music for the evening were Sternberg Clarke stalwarts Organic Jam whose combination of ambient chill out DJ with live percussionist and saxophone created a sophisticated, modern atmosphere befitting the exclusive Silver Sturgeon.

Neb and Carlo await the arrival of Guests on the Silver Sturgeon
With percussionist Tello and DJ Carlo set up by the stairs to the top Deck, saxophonist Tamar was free to slink between guests improvising over the musical backdrop created by her Organic Jam cohorts. Also wandering the decks of the boat was close up magician, Neb who weaved his way through guests performing all manner of card tricks and mind magic.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below.

 Percussionist Tello Performs on Board the Silver Sturgeon

Percussion Instruments on the Silver Sturgeon

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