Organic Jam at the Albert Hall

November 20, 2012

Combining the versatility of a DJ with the excitement of live performance, Organic Jam offer a unique take on-wait a minute, is that Jeremy Irons? Jeremy ‘Dead Ringers’ Irons? Jeremy ‘Danny Champion of the World's Dad’ Irons? Jeremy ‘Simon Gruber’ Irons? ... It is?! Wow.

 The DJ and Live Music Combo recently performed at the Albert Hall alongside such musical colossi as Brian May, Alice Cooper and Jimmy Page, and apparently got to hang out with Jeremy Irons who is awesome. If I got to hang out with Jeremy Irons, I’d probably try and do that joke where I say “I haven’t watched him in Brideshead Revisited because I still haven’t seen the first Brideshead... A book you say?” and he probably wouldn’t have his picture taken with me afterwards and then I’d never be able to watch anything with him in for fear of remembering that fateful day when I tried the ‘Brideshead Revisited joke’ on him.

 In all seriousness, we often book Organic Jam as contemporary background music but here they are captivating a crowd on stage with an expanded line up. Organic Jam are available in a number of configurations featuring anything from DJ and solo musician to percussion, violin, trumpet, saxophone and double bass. With DJ and musical Director Carlo providing a Cafe Del Mar style backing, the musicians are able to improvise and create an electrifying ‘live’ feel to the music.

Take a look at Organic Jam in action here.

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