Ooh, Interesting! Fascinating Facts - The Wonderful World of Combat Juggling

May 20, 2016

Another Friday, another Ooh, Interesting! fascinating fact wings its way across the web. Today’s blog we take a look at a unique form of juggling that brings circus entertainment to the masses. Fan of UFC? Fan of circus entertainment? Then this is the event for you!

We begin in Las Vegas – where else would they come up with idea? – where someone has invented a championship that has incorporated basic fighting into the normally tranquil world of juggling pins. There’s no specific rules to the ‘sport’, except that one pin has to be in the air at any time and ideally, you have to ensure that your opponent drops one of theirs first. If that happens three times, then you win a point. Three points and you go through to the next round!

 Naturally this is a world away from the jugglers for hire that we normally provide. Don't get us wrong, this is still entertaining, it's just event entertainment in a different form and hey, if you have the skills, then who are we to judge? It certainly looks like a lot of fun, especially with famed magician Penn Jilette of Penn & Teller fame on the commentary!

What’s more, it isn’t just a sport for one person to take on someone else, but is also able to be played in teams where maximum carnage and chaos comes to the fore! It’s 5 v 5 all out pin action! Or as the official website says, ‘two teams, ten players, thirty weapons’. You might be thinking we are joking here, but this is a World Juggling Federation certified sporting event and in the past, ESPN have aired a few matches.

If you’re interested about the various match-ups that the juggling federation have invented, then do check out their website and this blog in more detail. Sumo involves the same as 1 v 1 but you can’t go out of a small ring, whilst ‘360’ involves doing a spin each time your pins are in the air. We have no words.

Oh and no, you can’t bludgeon your opponent over the head with your bats.

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