Ooh, Interesting! - Fancy Dress Addict Wears a Different Costume Every Day for a Year

November 27, 2015

We love a good costume. Who doesn’t? The chance to dress up for a party is the best excuse possible to act in a completely different way to how you normally behave. We’re not endorsing a change for the worse of course, but a change for the different. Somebody who is normally shy and reserved can suddenly turn into the life and soul of the party  with an impressive costume and to be honest, everything is more fun at a party where costumes reign supreme.

But what if you really loved fancy dress? And were set a challenge to wear a different costume each and every day? You wouldn’t say no, would you? Of course not, as Mary Saba discovered when she was set that very challenge in order to celebrate her 26th birthday…

Coming up with 1 fancy dress costume is hard enough. But coming up with 365? That takes some serious planning. Luckily for Mary, her friends and family helped with various ideas so that she was eventually planning up to one month in advance!

  But what were the costumes? Cleopatra? Check.  A Barbie? Check. Amy Winehouse? Yup, that’s also there. As are all five Spice Girls! But then it gets weird. Tommy Wiseau from the Room made an appearance on one day, a naked Sims character was also featured. Considering this happened in 2013, it seems odd that Craig David was also in the mix, but there he was. And so on and so forth… The only one we aren’t really sure about is the bin bag. But hey, not every friend can be as creative as others.

  Across her challenge, Mary even managed to theme across particular days with May the 4th becoming a Star Wars themed costume (Princess Leia) whilst Christmas was celebrated for twelve whole days! Now you might be thinking that all this dressing up would cost an extortionate amount of money but Mary estimates she only spent $400 across the course of the year, whilst luckily for her, Mary’s employer supported the cause, allowing her to turn up as Pocahontas if she so wished.

   In researching this blog, we’ve also found that Mary hasn’t ever really left costumes behind. She just completed a 31 day Halloween costume challenge where she dressed as (amongst others), Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury RoadBaby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and the rather more intriguing ‘Netflix and Chill’. The only one we aren’t too sure about is her Lord Voldemort. For that, she should have come to us. Just sayin’.

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By Henry Fosdike