Ooh, Interesting! Fascinating Facts - Cruise Ships Without Entertainment?!

September 09, 2016

We here at Sternberg Clarke are proud of providing entertainment to hire for a variety of events, parties and weddings and also, on occasion, cruise ships. We must admit that being based in London that doesn’t happen too often, but when a person in charge of booking entertainment for a thirty-day cruise comes across one of our wonderful acts that is a perfect fit for their ship… Well, we can’t blame them for getting in touch. But did you know that you could take a far cheaper cruise ship around the world? It doesn’t look like the image above unfortunately; it looks like the image below.

 Shipping containers go all around the world stacked high with a variety of things. When one ran ashore a number of years ago in Branscombe, there were memorable images of people retrieving motorbikes from the sea, whilst certain beaches around the globe are known for the Lego that washes up, believed to be from a container that fell off the boat en route to its destination.

But did you know that you can rent a room aboard one of these behemoths? They might have not have hired circus entertainment or booked musical acts, but you can hole up in a room that is actually larger than a bedroom you’d get on a cruise. Moreover, the cost of travelling on a container ship is quite a bit less than a budget holiday ferry.

 At Sternberg Clarke we are all about the entertainment and unfortunately there isn’t any to be found on these container ships. As you might expect, most of the space is taken up with containers, so it’s up to you to make your own fun. No casino tables here! That being said, you do get a regular meal thrown in (which will vary depending on the nationality of the chef aboard) and the food will be eaten with the crew. They won’t be able to entertain you – perhaps the odd story of life on the seas – but they might be able to find you a sun lounger with which to enjoy the sun and calming sea breeze.

Fewer than 1% of the world’s cargo ships have tourists on them but most of the 30,000 around the world do have the space. If you’re looking for another perk, ships tend to stay in port a little longer than your usual cruise ship. The downside is that shipping routes and timings do change so you might miss a country you had expected to see and even when you’re let off, you’ll be in a port town not a resort town (though things to see are often just a short ride away!)

All in all, we don’t know if we can recommend a container ship over a cruise ship, especially considering the lack of high quality entertainment aboard, but it’s certainly an interesting idea for the more adventurous traveller.



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By Henry Fosdike