Ooh, Interesting! - Compendium Part I

October 30, 2015

Our Ooh, Interesting blogs have proven to be rather popular since we launched them back in late July (has it really been that long?!) In that time, we've written 13 blogs, which whilst unlucky for some rather neatly works as being a quarter of 52, which is the number of weeks in a year. Don't say we don't plan these things well, eh?
 The blog which started it all off! As the title suggests, this particular blog allows you to learn just why a chair is used in lion taming. If it wasn't for this fascinating fact, we'd never have coined the title, "Ooh, Interesting!"
A peculiar oddity this one. Many Premiership footballers retired from the beautiful game and move on to a relaxed retirement abroad. Former Coventry and Aston Villa front man Dion Dublin had other ideas though; hence why he has invented new musical instrument, The Dube.
"Mind the Gap" are three words that will be familiar to each and every commuter within the M25. If you travel on the northbound Northern Line service and stop off at Embankment tube station, you'll hear a different voice to anywhere else on the line. But why?
 It turns out that there are a lot more fascinating facts about the British Museum's Great Court than you may at first imagine. Just how many triangles are there that make up the fabulous roof? What's so special about them? And which literary classic was written from within the walls? 
This is a bit of strange one! A cello is too fragile to go in the hold but too big to class as handheld luggage, so how on earth do you take one abroad? Naturally there are two answers. The first one is "You don't," but the second one is featured in the blog.
Towards the end of the nineties and early 2000s, former Take That member Robbie Williams was the biggest pop star in the UK and was handed a huge record deal by his label as a result. As this blog discovers, that indirectly helped the Chinese construction business. Huh. 
 Perhaps our favourite of the Ooh, Interesting! blogs so far, this is the wonderful story of how A-ha's first album ended up being re-recorded in its entirety in Pyongyang. By entire groups of accordion players. This blog even features videos, which pretty much makes it a must see.
Pretty much as the title says, this is the surprising story of a mountainous terrain in Russia where every single member of the small community knows how to walk the tightrope. But how did it start? Hmm...
Quite aside from writing about a piece that pianists couldn't play, this blog even shows us video of this magical mystical piano piece which no human can perform. Interesting, odd and something to tell your friends.
 An epic tale of humour in the corporate sector! A small company discovered that Southwest Airlines were using a slogan which they had been using for years! Not wanting to get the lawyers involved, the company hit on a novel solution. Southwest Airlines complied and the rest, as they say, is history. Even the President got involved.
They say that hindsight is always 20/20, which was certainly the case back in 1991 when Gerald Ratner made his ill fated speech at a conference. But what did he say and where can you find him these days?
Another blog where the title is surprisingly extremely self-explanatory. The actual first dance epidemic was recorded in the first millennium, but by 1518 these bizarrely fatal dances were killing people left, right and centre. What became of them?
An inspiring story from last week, this is the story of Lauren Watson, a woman who had been left paralysed after a car crash in her late teens. After spotting an aerial dancer in a shopping centre ten years later, she wouldn't let her disability hold her back.

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