Ooh, Interesting! - A Pianist Performs a Duet with Holographic Version of Himself

November 06, 2015

Yes, you read that correctly. Similar to the hologram used to resurrect Tupac at CoachellaFestival, Japanese pianist Yoshiki performed a duet with himself in March 2014, rightly astonishing attendees to his gig at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

We’ve written about how exciting dueling pianos can be before, especially at events, but this brings a whole other meaning to the phrase ‘double vision’! Yoshiki is renowned for his experimental live performances and had been experimenting with holograms on stage for four years before this performance.

Rather brilliantly, Yoshiki had the hologram version of himself introduce err… himself to the crowd before they then played a classical medley, with the real life version of Yoshiki copying his computer generated counterpart’s movements.

It’s a superb performance and was put together by London-based agency Musion, who have advanced the traditional illusion known as Pepper’s Ghost. In the past, light was partially reflected off a pane of glass but in the performances of both Yoshiki and Tupac, custom-developed foil is used to create more believable images.

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By Henry Fosdike