Oktoberfest Party Ideas

October 02, 2018

Oktoberfest is most often associated with beer but what many people might not know is that, as the oldest Volksfest in the world, it is also a travelling funfair. Held annually in Munich in Germany, Oktoberfest is currently in full swing and we thought it might be fun to take a look at some themed entertainment options to help with your Oktoberfest party ideas. Sehr gut!

Costumed Characters

The most obvious place to start with Oktoberfest entertainment is the costumes. When one thinks of Germany and German beer, Lederhosen probably isn’t too far about. Book costumed characters to help provide the theme for your event and if they can also perform some other kinds of entertainment then even better! From contortionists to stilt walkers, there are a whole host of acts that are more than happy to dress up to make sure you Oktoberfest party is an absolute blast.

Beer Tasting

Oktoberfest wouldn’t be complete without some beer tasting. If you are looking for a social event that allows you to learn all about the various beers around the world then our expert beer connoisseur will be for you. From telling you about what to look for in a beer to providing the history of one of the nation’s favourite beverages, this act offers something a little different to the normal entertainment we provide but is perfectly suited to small groups!

Oompah Band

Bring on the music! Oktoberfest wouldn’t be Oktoberfest without some oompah music. We have a number of Bavarian oompah bands on our books who are more than happy to create the atmosphere you’d be experiencing if you were actually in Munich. From being able to play traditional Bavarian waltzes, polkas and marches to covering classics from the 50s through to the present day, sing along and have a great time. There may even be some Oktoberfest prizes for the really talented among you.

Staged Photography

Who doesn’t love a photo booth? We all think they are marvellous and after a beer or two, you’ll definitely want to snap a Bavarian themed photo of your friends. Why not go one better and book Staged Photography, our amazing interactive photo booth that delivers a whole landscape and a photo with depth? As you can see from the photo above, an Oktoberfest backdrop would be guaranteed to wow your guests.

Bar Flair

The thing about Oktoberfest that might put people off is that it’s all about the costumes and the beer. But some people don’t drink, some people prefer cocktails and we here at Sternberg Clarke are actually more about the entertainment anyway. Have no fear! By booking a bar flair act or the circus group Shakedown, you can combine the alcohol with the entertainment and everybody goes home happy. Marvellous!

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By Henry Fosdike