October's Exciting New Acts for Events - Circus, Music and More!

October 26, 2015

We all want the next big thing. Be it the very latest must have gadget or a brand new car, it seems that we as a group just cannot stop buying more and more new stuff. When it comes to event though, it actually seems that the opposite is true. You can understand why; events can cost a lot of money  and often people like to know that what they are getting will definitely impress. But having a new act that nobody has seen before is a pretty exciting prospect, no? With that in mind, here are a few of October’s Exciting New Acts.

Ulrike – Foot Juggler

The clue is in the name. Yes, if you want a circus entertainer with a difference for your event, then Ulrike the Foot Juggler is exactly what you need. To be brutally honest, it has to be seen to be believed. Umbrellas, hoops, barrels... All are juggled to great effect and all with just her feet! Using her technical juggling perfection and theatrical skills to great effect, she has created a unique and breathtaking act that is sure to amaze. I don’t want to say it’s the best circus act in London (there are so many and I haven’t seen them all) but it’s certainly the most brilliant original act we’ve seen in a while. The video above is well worth 103 seconds of your time.

LED Canapé Girls

 There’s no denying that you could serve canapés at your event in the normal and dare we say it, slightly boring way. But where’s the fun in that? Our LED Canapé Girls are a cool strolling act that few will have seen before. A wholly original way to serve canapés and freebies at your event, the trays have inbuilt LED lighting and our beautiful girls come clothed in smart and delightful red majorette costumes. A fun and different approach to entertainment that anyone can enjoy.

The Toots

 “But Sternberg Clarke,” I can hear you say, “What about October’s New Musical Acts? We loved your previous one.” Do not worry for we have not one but two possible new music acts for your event, with the first being the beautifully titled The Toots. Having a clientele that includes the BBC, this London-based funk, soul and jazz band are made up of 7 incredible musicians. “But we want ore!” No problem, they can add even more members if that’s what you need. Able to do covers from Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and more, The Toots are the perfect function band to have you dancing all evening.

Bam Bam Drum Band

As quickly as that, The Toots are in danger of being dethroned of the award for ‘Best Band Named After the Sound of an Instrument’. Events entertainment can be a cruel business. If it’s a drum band for a party that you’re after then Bam Bam Drum Band are a great choice. Not only are they fresh and exciting, but they mix up heavy grooves with an exhilarating carnival style. A roaming drum band or able to perform as part of a theatrical stage show, this is a unique and compelling act that can go from as few as five people right up to 30! If you want an energetic function band, Bam Bam Drum Band just cannot be beat (excuse the pun...)

LED Roue Cyr

 Can you hire Cirque du Soleil for an event? Not without an extremely large bank balance, but you can hire a Roue Cyr artist who used to be in Cirque du Soleil. We love the LED Roue Cyr. It’s a graceful act for an event and there’s no denying that it’s visually impressive too. Be it a corporate event or something else, this is a beautiful circus act. Binging the elegance of the Cyr Wheel into a vibrant new realm through dramatic LED lighting, the result is simply stunning. A variety of colours, modes and patterns allow you to theme your event and we guarantee your guests will be wowed by the performance. Gorgeous. 



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By Henry Fosdike