Novel Entertainment Ideas: If Fictional Bands Played at Events

July 06, 2012


Ever watched a movie or TV show and thought... ‘Man, I’d like to book that for an upcoming event?’ It happens all the time here. TV, Film and Books are great points of reference for corporate events, allowing everyone to easily envision someone’s idea for entertainment. Saying ‘Great Gatsby Themed Party’ conjures up an image in a flash and saves any crossed wires further down the line. But what about the specifics? What about the ‘acts’ in popular works of fiction? How would they fair at an event? To answer, we’ve come up with our Top 5 Fictional Acts (and their real life counterparts) ... read on for more.

The Hots Cops from Arrested Development

Hot Cops (Arrested Development) - Flashmob

Arrested Development’s troupe of Velcro-trousered stripping lawmen make multiple appearances throughout the show’s three seasons, repeatedly drafted in to go undercover foiling adolescent drug deals or intimidating nightclub owners. Their willingness to break into a strip/dance routine  often gives them away in the show but maybe they’d be put to better use as a Flash Mob in the mould of our act TonAcity who themselves, regularly sneak into events as guests before bursting into choreographed Dance Routines.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes – Strolling Violinist

Despite downgrading his opium addition to cigarettes and giving him a mobile phone (Or a ‘camera phone’ as they insist on calling it like it’s 2003), the recent Sherlock Holmes reboot knew to leave well enough alone when it came to the iconic sleuth’s choice of musical instrument. Holmes often whips out his bow to unwind or concentrate on a case but he’d be pretty well suited to performing as a wandering musician at an event... if you’re willing to overlook his lack of social skills. Better stick to someone like Jessie who’s a little easier to deal with and keeps her opium habit in better check.


Marvin Berry and the Starlights (Back to the Future) – Function Band 

Marty McFly’s performance launched a thousand bedroom guitarists and no doubt left many a confused adolescent listening to Johnny Be Good and wondering when that bitchin' guitar solo is going to kick in. But spare a moment for his backing band ‘The Starlights’; consummate professionals, they’re good musicians, dress smartly and they’re able to work with deps (“This is a blues riff in "B", watch me for the changes, and try and keep up, okay?”) They’re the perfect function band... a 1950s Flood the Floor if you will. Also they’ve got ties to Marvin’s brother Chuck... so mates rates?

Hugh Jackman as Robert Angier in The Prestige

Robert Angier (The Prestige) – Magician


The popular vote would be for Harry Potter as a fictional magician, but we have a policy of not booking acts under 16 and the prospect of a 30-something boy wizard trading on his past glories is kind of sad. Better to put your faith in a man who is [...SPOILERS...] willing to make clones of himself and drown them in glass jars to create the illusion that he is teleporting about 15 feet to the left. That’s commitment. A slightly less murderous real world alternative is our magician Dan who, while unwilling to murder his magic clones, is willing to dress up as an Elf and/or Jack Frost at Christmas... That's commitment too

Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon in Some Like it Hot

Josephine and Geraldine (Some Like it Hot) – Jazz Musicians/Drag Acts

While their musicianship is never in question, Joe and Gerry aren’t the most honest pair – first fleeing Chicago having witnessed a mob hit, dressing up as women to join an all female band and then impersonating an oil magnate in order to seduce the vulnerable singer of said band. They lie, they steal, they drink on tour and generally get up to the kind of hi-jinks that makes steam come out of an events planners ears. If you’re looking for a real world alternative, you could go two ways – we’ve plenty of Jazz musicians who are honest, hard working non-cross-dressers; but if it’s a man in a dress you’re after Le Gateau Chocolat is far more comfortable in drag than Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon ever were.

Honourable Mentions: 'Catnap' from Portlandia, 'Spinal Tap' from This is Spinal Tap, 'Mouserat' from Parks and Recreation, Comedian Jimmy Barrett from Mad Men, 'The Wild Stalions' from Bill and Ted, A Magician named GOB from Arrested Development, 'Man Who Looks Like A Magician The IT Crowd. 

 For more information on any of the acts featured in this post (the real ones that is) get in touch through our contact page.