Not a Bauble in Sight: Top 4 Modern Christmas Entertainment Ideas

December 09, 2011



When putting together a Christmas Corporate Event, there's many an event planner who will cringe at the thought of tacky elf costumes, booming walkabout Santas and a giant playlist full of Wham and Slade. The gaudy, glittery side of Christmas isn't for everyone and that's why it's important to cater to every taste at this time of year.

We find lots of clients looking for Christmas themed entertainment without any of the usual tangle of tinsel, fairy lights and paper hats that often come with Christmas Parties. Party planners looking to create a sleek, modern and truly memorable Christmas bash will surely want to stick a few of these ideas onto their Christmas Party Wishlist.

Ice Acrobalance

Anyone who's ever tried to delicately place "one last ornament" on an already overburdened Christmas Tree will already be aware of what a delicate balancing act Christmas can be, but even the most overzealous Norway Spruce dresser will be able to appreciate the skill and poise of our Ice Acrobalance performers. Dressed in suitably wintery attire, these athletes will perform astonishing displays of strength and balance as they slowly shift between seemingly unbelievable positions.


Winter Ribbon Dancers

Ribbon Dancers have proved exceptionally popular over the last twelve months, that's partly thanks to the ease with which they can be themed to any colour scheme. This is especially true with Winter events where the swirling flurry of ribbons and flowing costumes create the effect of an icy blizzard with none of the frostbite and loss of feeling to the extremities usually associated with such weather.

Jack Frost - The Chillusionist

By now, anyone who has ever used Sternberg Clarke to Book a magician will know that our nimble-fingered illusionists are a world away from the boggle-eyed, be-waistcoated kids entertainers of yore; and no act displays this better than our cool twist on the usual party magician. Our fully costumed Chillusionist is a case study in attention to detail from the light dusting of snow on his shoulders to the icicles hanging from his eyelashes.

Berry Jazz - Christmas Jazz Band

For anyone who runs screaming from Sir Thumbs-aloft's "Wonderful Christmas Time" or cover their ears at the opening strains of "Step into Christmas" - the very mention of Christmas music is enough to cause the rolling of eyeballs and gnashing of teeth. While it can seem like an attractive option to sidestep Christmas altogether and book a distinctly unseasonal Flamenco Band for your Christmas Bash - you could be letting yourself in for a visit from 3 ghosts shortly thereafter if you know what I mean. A better option to keep things classy is our sophisticated Jazz ensemble who specialise in creating tasteful Christmas soundscapes, perfect for drinks receptions and dinners.


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