New Year's Entertainment Ideas

November 25, 2019

New Year’s Entertainment ideas are always hard to come by. You could go to a club, end up spending a fortune and not even having a good time. You could attend a very casual party and find yourself bored before eight o’clock. You could end up watching Jools Holland yet again. Or you could opt to host your own New Year’s Eve party with only the finest entertainment around. We know what we would choose and here are five great entertainment ideas to ensure you start 2020 with a bang!

Edible Bubble Machine

 People often say ‘get the bubbles flowing’ but what they really mean is open that cheap bottle of fizz you’ve had in the fridge for the last few weeks since getting it on sale in Aldi. Well no more! For when people say ‘get the bubbles flowing’, you can direct them across the room to the Edible Bubble machine, which offers floating flavoured delights that are guaranteed to draw a crowd. You could go for Champagne-flavoured bubbles but why would you when you could also have apple pie or pina colada? Mmm…

Light Painters

 Any party or event you have gone to throughout 2019 will have probably had a photo booth in residence. At this point, it’s practically a legal requirement. Pose with some props, stick the photo into a book for the bride and groom, etc. We all know the drill. But on New Year’s Eve you might want something extra and that’s where Light Painters come in. You can literally paint with light! Now if that’s not exciting to you, we don’t know what is.

Fire Tuba/This Sax is on Fire

 We could write an entire paragraph on flaming instruments like the Fire Tuba and This Sax is on Fire but honestly, how cool would it be to turn up to a New Year’s Eve party and see the spectacle of people playing instruments that are on fire? There is no cooler thought anywhere. It’s a no brainer. Get these two booked in!

The Mirror Man

 When it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve, your first thought might turn to a glitter ball, lights dancing from the mirrored surface as a countdown from ten roars out from an excitable crowd. The problem with this idea is that the ball is static whereas when you book The Mirror Man, he will roam throughout your guests ensuring the perfect party spectacle for those nearby. A true sensation wherever he goes, New Year is a huge time of year for this particular entertainment act.

Function Band/DJ

 We could have highlighted a function band or DJ but in all honesty, if they’ve made it onto the music section of our website then they are an exceptional choice for your New Year’s Eve party! We have thousands of acts on our books and there are even a host of amazing bands that aren’t featured on the website. What we are saying is: If you booking New Year’s Eve party entertainment, make sure to book some music because that’s what it’s all about!

We hope that you have an incredible New Year and very much look forward to all of your enquiries. Got anything planned? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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By Henry Fosdike