New Videos on Our Youtube Channel

December 05, 2013

Blogs are great, pictures are great, sound clips are great too. But video? That’s where it’s at. Especially when ‘the ‘it’ in question is event entertainment. Sometimes it can be tough to imagine what an act’s like in action, sometimes it’s just nice to see a video before you book something. And while not every act has a video that we can show off – we’re sure as heck fire trying to get as many as possible.

That’s why if you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you’ll be regularly updated with the latest videos from our best bands, circus artistes, cabaret acts, magicians and anything else that’s worth pointing a camera at. Here are a few additions to our YouTube channel to get you started...

Slo-Mo Photo Booth

A state of the art twist on the familiar Photobooth in which your guests can goof around to their heart’s content before watching their antics back in suuuuper sloooow mooootiooooon. Brilliant for weddings and private parties, but even better for cutting loose at company Christmas parties.


October Moon – Swing Showreel

Some impeccable vintage swing tunes from female fronted, immaculately presented Jazz outfit October Moon. Watch as the band put their own spin  on ‘Put a Lid on It’, ‘Putting On the Ritz’, ‘Rock Around the Clock’ and more. There’s even dancing... You can’t argue with dancing. There’s more of vocalist Phoebe here too.

Beatvox – Best of British Show

A quick video of Beat Boxing/Vocal Harmony collective BeatVox performing a Best of British medley at a recent event. You can see the second part of the video here and read more about BeatVox’s recent performances in this recent event blog.

The Dixie Tickler’s Street Band

New Orleans Jazz troubadours The Dixie Ticklers tickle up some serious Dixie on-the-go in their ‘Street Band’ guise. The Vintage Jazz ensemble delight passersby with an impromptu performance of Eliza Jane in a busy town centre. If you’re partial to bowties and colourful trousers - and Dixieland Jazz -this one’s for you.

Tom Gaskin – Juggler

A young gentleman Juggler in the Matt Ricardo mould, Tom Gaskin has the skills of a child raised in a travelling circus and the looks of one of those skinny Topman models. This mesmerising video shows off some of Tom’s most astounding tricks and also his most astounding hair.

For more information on booking any of the acts featured in the videos, head over to our contact page and get in touch. 


By Garreth Owen