New Venue Breakdown

July 02, 2015

Since we’re halfway through 2015, we thought we’d take a look back at a couple of new venue openings, a venue that is due to be open to a far wider number of people than has previously been possible and a brand spanking new venue that (whisper it) isn’t in London.

Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street

 Arguably the most well-know of the new venues to open in 2015, the Sky Garden is a venue that we are extremely happy to have visited extremely regularly since it opened, with a variety of brilliant entertainment acts in tow. Perfect for an event, the unique space and stunning view allows most acts to thrive in this environment, including magiciansOrganic Jam and Corelli. A wonderful event space.


 It only opened last week, so the number of events actually held there so far is understandably low. It’s certainly a unique venue with everything being just 2/3 its normal size, by virtue of the fact that during the day only children are allowed within its walls. We covered most of the specifics in our blog last week so what are you waiting for? Be as creative as you like and see what style of entertainment works in a venue such as this. You can claim to be the first people to have arranged it!

National Gallery

 This is an interesting one because anyone with even a basic knowledge of London will be aware that the National Gallery has been open for a rather long time, featuring paintings by Da Vinci, Turner, Monet and many more besides. However up until now, the venue was fairly closed off to events with anyone wanting to hold one having to jump through a fair number of hoops. Thankfully, within the next month, it will be available as an events venue to everyone! Wahoo! We can’t wait to help you make the most of the entertainment space available, wandering the corridors, hands full of canapés.

Brighton i360

 Admittedly this won’t arrive until 2016 but we’re already excited for it from the glorious concept art. Revolving restaurants never really caught on in the UK (or at least, haven’t in recent years), so the Brighton i360 is obviously exciting for that reason but also, as the name suggests, it won’t be in London meaning that the views will be a little different from what we’re used to. Don’t get us wrong, we love the London skyline but there will be certainly be something events-worthy by casting our gaze out to sea. And to have an act like the Balanas Sisters or Ze Trio accompanying that view? Corr, we’re practically salivating just thinking about it!

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By Henry Fosdike