New Entertainment for Special Events

May 29, 2015

If there's one thing that we don't want, it's for the entertainment industry to stagnate. For all acts to just stay the way they are and for no innovation to occur. It's true, there's a possibility that this may happen one day but in the words of Buzz to Woody in the original Toy Story, "Not today!" 

So here a few new acts to the website for your delightful delectation. Enjoy.

Box 9

 Box 9 are a fully mobile, traditional American-style drumline ensemble.  Able to adapt their act to fit with pretty much any theme or style, they’re a superb outfit to help your event stand out. Oh you want brass as well? That’s not a problem. Dancers? Cheerleaders? That’s fine too. A highly visual and technical show with some slick tricks thrown in for good measure, Box 9 may be just what you need.


 Another fab high-tech act to fulfil the ‘holy mackerel, that was cool as hell’ quota of your event or function, this phenomenal four-piece utilise projection and pixel mapping to deliver a dance act you’ll remember for a very long time. Fully customisable to feature a corporate logo or message within the performance, the crowd will be wanting to clap long before the end.

The Mirror Man

 If you have ever spent time wondering if a human mirrorball exists, The Mirror Man is for you. The epitome of ambient entertainment and available as a living statue or strolling act, The Mirror Man is a unique and striking addition to any event, with 6,000 small mirrors attached to his suit. “But Sternberg Clarke, where’s the rotating podium?" We hear you. And thankfully, this too is available to be ordered with The Mirror Man for full mirrorball effect.


 Need an invigoration of soul into your event? Francesca has got your back. Also specialising in pop and jazz, Francesca is an extremely accomplished singer/pianist whose voice is out of this world. Available as a solo act or able to provide an entire backing band, Francesca has the tunes and the glam to keep your party on track.


 A hugely popular singer wherever he goes, Idreiss is just one man and a microphone. Performing a wide variety of style from chart, soul and motown all the way through to RnB, swing and jazz, he’s got it all. Able to count Scouting for Girls, Olly Murs and Tyler James as people he’s supported in the past, his high profile clients include John Lewis and Cancer Research as well as being a regular for Westfield London.

Festival Foxes

 festival-style all-female 4-piece, Festival Foxes are as cool as they come. Available for weddings and events, they’ll ensure that your do is a nice, chilled out and genteel affair, performing dancefloor fillers with a twist. You may have seen them before at Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, Bestival or even Coachella, so bring a piece of those places back with you and prepare to hum along. Alternatively, opt to go full on electric and rock along to their contemporary and upbeat repertoire





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By Henry Fosdike