New Entertainment Acts for Summer - Part III

July 02, 2018

Part III of our wonderful look at top entertainment acts for the summer includes circus, music, magic and more excitement than you'll find at the World Cup. Considering there were two penalty shoot-outs yesterday, that's a whole lost of excitement! Without further ado then, let's take a look at five more incredible entertainment acts to book this summer.

3 British Tenors

 Keeping on the football theme, who else remembers when the late great Pavarotti sang Nessun Dorma at Italia '90? It stills sends chills down the spine if you watch it on YouTube but why do that when you have the 3 British Tenors sing for you instead? Able to deliver a superb repertoire that includes all the classics (including that football favourite) as well as more modern hits from the world of musical theatre and beyond, they are a truly eclectic and elegant choice for any event this summer.


 Sometimes you just have to sit back and admire entertainment. This is certainly the case with the ever-graceful Katia, an acrobat who is capable of performing a multitude of aerial routines on a hoop, silk or cube that is sure to leave guests open-mouthed. Not only that, she is also adept with fire and a number of other disciplines including diabolo! Not sure your venue can take an aerial performer? She comes fully equipped with a freestanding aerial rig that can be erected in most venues. Magnificent!


 It's fair to say that most events are nothing without some sort of live music to get guests dancing through the night and with this in mind, we can't think of a better band to book than Halos, a four-piece function band with female lead vocals that are sure to have you tripping the light fantastic into tomorrow morning. Having already performed for the likes of Spotify at their corporate events, you can be sure you're getting something brilliant for your money.

Magic Mirror

 What do you get when you want to book a photo booth but would also kind of like to have the option to check that your hair looks okay before you step up to have a snap taken? The Magic Mirror photo booth of course! Rather than have a photographer or standard booth take your photo, we simply provide a piece of glass that you stare into (think Snow White). After guiding you through the instructions, you stare into the mirror and bam! Your photo is taken. A physical print out is provided at your event and if you want the digital files as well, that's no problem either. Perfect.


 An a cappella vocal act that brings together tender vocal harmonies to a rhythmic beat, VoCollectiveare the hottest entertainment option on our books currently having wowed industry professionals enough to ensure that they'll be playing Carnegie Hall in New York later in the year. Wow! But you don't have to wait until then to see them in action! Save yourself the effort of trekking to America by booking them to play your event this summer. Featuring a modern repertoire as well as any song available on request (if given a few days notice!), the group are guaranteed to impress your guests, just like they did at our recent event at King's Place.

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By Henry Fosdike