New Alternative Party Options for Events

November 12, 2019

When it comes to events there are the usual entertainment acts like bands and DJs and then there are the alternative entertainment options for parties, the type of acts that you might not even know exist. We've added four new ones to the website and we thought you might like to know about them! Read on to have your mind blown by the possibilities!


 Harriet can provide one of the most unique artistic forms of entertainment around! At events, parties and weddings she sits at her table and stitches events as she sees them occur. From being able to stitch the bride and groom on their wedding day to utilising a guest to cycle in order to power her machine, Harriet is a wonderful option for any event and we guarantee that guests won’t have seen anything like it before. A superb alternative to a caricaturist or silhouette artist, book sewin machine artist Harriet for your event today!

Virtual Reality

 Virtual Reality or VR is very much in right now. Wearing a headset, guests are transported into a hyper-realistic world and able to do things that they never thought possible. From waving around what appears to be a lightsaber (but definitely isn’t due to copyright) to playing goalkeeper in front of super star players, there is no end to what VR can do. Ride a rollercoaster or even try your hand at hanggliding; the options are truly limitless and only set to increase as the technology improves.

Chris Cox

 Step aside Derren Brown because there’s a new magician in town! Yes, Chris Cox isn’t so much a magician as a mentalist, able to read the minds of his audience members with such skill that he has already played venues including the West End, Broadway and even the Sydney Opera House. A key cast member of The Illusionists, Chris Cox explains that he is a ‘mindreader who can’t read minds’. So how does he do it? We have absolutely no idea but with his high energy performance and hilarious jokes, he is sure to impress at your event.

Fashion Portrait Illustrator

 Have you ever wanted to grace the pages of Vogue or Vanity Fair? If you have ever wondered whom the models are for those gorgeous sketch portraits, wonder no more because they can be you and your guests! When you book a fashion portrait illustrator for your party or event, guests are drawn by legends of the industry who can put together a stunning line drawing with just a few strokes of a pencil. And it only takes a few minutes! An amazing alternative to other artistic options at events.

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By Henry Fosdike