Neon Geishas, Bond Villains, Christmas Carollers and More at One Great George Street

December 03, 2013

Though we pride ourselves on our knowledge of existing acts and artists, sometimes a client asks for something that doesn’t even exist yet. Say, for instance, a client asked for Neon Costumed Geishas to wander around their Christmas party – what would Sternberg Clarke do then? Why, make Neon Geisha Costumes is what. And not just that, we’d theme the entire venue and provide a panoply of strolling acts and interactive games to keep guests entertained through the evening. Want proof? Take a look at this Christmas Party at One Great George Street where we did everything I just said...

It wasn’t all about Future Tokyo; our client had requested that One Great George Street be turned into a ‘Christmas House Party’ with different Rooms offering different types of entertainment. Those included a Whiskey Lounge, Casino Room, Sports Bar and a Tokyo Karaoke Lounge as well as a suitably festive foyer.

The Royal Footmen and Hark the Herald in the FoyerWelcoming guests into One Great George Street were Christmas Carol Choir Hark The Herald who performed a selection of Carols next to the Christmas tree in the Lobby of the venue. Guests were also greeted by our Football Freestylers  comedy mime artists The Royal Footmen who did their best to make new arrivals feel like royalty or at the very least, mid-level baronry.

Our make-up artist turning a model into a Geisha Neon Geishas are an odd request at the best of times, but it’s an especially imaginative brief at Christmas where many companies opt for Winter Wonderlands and Dickensian London as their theme for the evening. Naturally there aren’t many luminous kimonos knocking around the costume shops of London so we worked with a designer to create neon costumes for our two Geishas and brought in in a hair and make-up artist to get our models looking suitably... Geisha-ish... We transformed one of the rooms of the venue into a Japanese style Karaoke booth with karaoke machine and host to keep things running smoothly.

Entertainment in the Casino RoomFor those seeking the thrills of high stakes gambling without the high stakes, we created a 007-style Casino room complete with Roulette, Blackjack and Poker tables. The tables used branded fun money rather than the real thing – nothing ruins a Christmas party like losing a few grand to Duncan from accounts. Also on hand were a trio of 007 characters; Jaws, Odd Job and our Bond girl who posed for pictures with guests and added to the Bond theme of the room.

Entertainment in the 'Whiskey Lounge'Anyone looking for a more relaxing way to spend their evening found it in the Whiskey Lounge where 7ft steel toothed men and murderous hat wielders were fewer and further between than the Casino Room. Instead guests were entertained by our Silhouette Artist and Graphologist while they enjoyed music from Bossa Jazz duo Melody Domain.

Entertainment and Games in the 'Sports Bar'Finally our Sports Bar offered a chance for guests to try their hands at a selection of games including pool, table football and a Giant Scalextric set while enjoying music from our authentic Jukebox. To complete the feel of a bustling Sports Bar, we supplied a number of props and flags as well as a score board to keep track of the best lap times and results from the various games.

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By Garreth Owen