Neon Body Painted Models and Parlour Magic at 45 Millbank

May 01, 2013

Sometimes, an event offers up so many opportunities for opening blog paragraph puns that a guy can end up feeling spoilt for choice. When discussing a Neon themed showcase  at 45 Millbank, does one open with something about ‘Illuminating Experiences’ or ‘Glowing Tributes’? ‘Shining Example’ or ‘Dazzling Effects’? Or is it better to just try and slip all of them into a couple of sentences at the start and move on?

 Heralding the return of the summer events season, 45 Millbank brought together a collection of London’s best event suppliers to create a Day-Glo paradise featuring a menu of adventurous canapés and bowl food from Rhubarb, eye catching floral arrangements form Simon Lycett and the traditional 45 Millbank was transformed by Fisher Productions into a modern florescent masterpiece.

 Our entertainment contributions stuck with the bright, colourful motif with a pair of Body Painted Models whose body art featured glow in the dark details. The girls paraded around the venue holding glowing picture frames and provided a living breathing take on the vivid theme.

 Opting for a slightly less revealing costume, stage magician Dan Alexander performed a number of intimate magic shows in a small secluded area of the venue for a handful of guests. With bespoke neon playing cards to invite guests to different show times, the audience was treated to a mix of close-up and stage magic that I’m really struggling to make a ‘light/glow’ pun about.

Take a look at some pictures below; there are more on Facebook and Pinterest. You can also read Adam's thoughts on the event over at Event Magazine

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