My First Event

July 03, 2015

There’s something special about the first event that you can remember. It’s similar in my mind to that which I experienced when buying my first single (an awful track by a CBBC’s North & South, YouTube at your own risk) or going to the cinema for the first time (The Lion King).

Thinking back to it, I actually have no idea what year it was. But there are certain memories ingrained within me from every holiday and this one is no different. It was a trip to Butlins with a family friend and her son. Mum and Mrs. White (for that was her name) managed to win all the children a soft toy on the grabbing machine, having gnattered away whilst watching various holidaymakers come and go empty handed. Some machines just didn’t grab as well as the others. The one that did gave out soft toy elephants. So there you go.

But no, what this blog is about is an event. Arguably, another event was travelling to the holiday camp blasting out Gary Glitter’s greatest hits on a cassette tape. You wouldn’t be able to do that anymore for a multitude of reasons that probably aren't required within this blog. But that was not the event I was looking to write about when crafting this piece, oh no. My very first event with entertainment that I can remember was wrestling, long before the days of (well, presumably only a few years before) WWF Heat on Channel 4.

The name of the wrestler I was instructed to root for that day eludes me. He was dressed in blue and definitely won (yay!), but for some strange reason it is the name of ‘The Latin Lover’ that has permeated my synapses and remained in my memory. A quick Google search brings up a Mexican wrestler but his history doesn’t tally with my sojourn to Butlins in the nineties... Or maybe he’s simply omitted this particular trip to Minehead from his CV. Who knows?

Whomever the Latin Lover was is not necessarily important for it is primarily the event itself that I recall. The hushed atmosphere, the announcer drumming up support and the music, lights and ceremony that followed. Seeing so many happy people, completely immersed in the entertainment has stuck with me for years and perhaps in some small way it has contributed to my writing this blog now.

People tend to underestimate the impact that entertainment can have at an event (obviously I’d say that but still...) The production is fantastic, the catering and flowers are also wonderful - though I don’t remember any petals on show from the so-called Latin Lover – but for me, it is the entertainment that stays long in people’s minds when considering their next party.  “Who was--?” “How fab were--?” We’ve all been there!

So to ensure you receive the best possible act for your event, presented in the best way, get your acts booked in early for maximum potential and enjoyment. There are so many amazing ones to pick from, there’s certainly something your guests won’t have seen before. 




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By Henry Fosdike