Movie Magic: When Films and Party Themes Collide

February 25, 2011

We're reaching the climax of awards season; industry hands are now raw after a month or so of near-constant backslapping... and poor Colin Firth is suffering chronic muscle strain in his face due caused by having to act modest and bashful all the time. Once the Oscars are over we can all get back to not going to the cinema quite as much and Colin can put his face in a bowl of ice water in preparation for his role as Nice English Man in *Something*.

A couple of weeks ago, Adam wrote an enlightening blog over at Event Magazine where he imagined what would happen if people held events themed around this years Best Picture Nominees with a few good ideas from Lord Jason Scott in the comments too. Take a look, this'll be here when you get back.

So we opened the subject up to general discussion in the Sternberg Clarke Offices - What Movie Would You Most Like to Theme an Event Around? . This time the answers didn't need to be Oscar hopefuls so the answers will shock and amaze you - Grab some popcorn, dim the lights and turn off your phone... turn off your phone... TURN OFF YOUR PHONE PLEASE.

Sarah Thorniley Walker

The All Star Bowling Lanes would be the perfect venue for a Big Lebowski themed event; guests (accompanied by their own personal tumbleweeds) and dressed as various characters from the film (bowling uniforms and Viking hats), would walk down a scruffy Persian rug that ‘brings the room together’ to the sounds of a busking Bob Dylan tribute act performing “The Man in Me.” Upon entry guests would be would be served White Russians, burgers and crisps canapés by ‘dudes’ in dressing gowns. As well as bowling (obviously), the entertainment would involve wheelchair racing, a digital canvas for guests to splatter paint on and a modified version of ‘man in a bath’ involving a marmot.



Ben Lloyd Evans

I would want to go to an event themed around the film “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never”. Well, either that or Monty Python and the Holy Grail – I’d absolutely love to put together a roving band of musicians led by “Bravely, Bold Sir Robin”, and the Knights who say “NI!” would make fantastic meet and greet acts (or toast masters). And what better spot for the whole event than Hampton Court Palace? The courtyards and facades would be brilliant for the Frenchmen leaning over calling everyone “k---nig-ht-s” Just watch the rabbit on the way in…

Garreth Owen

I don’t think there’s a Wes Anderson film that you couldn't theme an event aournd, but in particular The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou really lends itself to being a party theme. Red bobble hats, Team Zissou Junior Frogman Rings and ‘Glocks’ will be mandatory, Bowie covers will be provided by Seu Jorge (or one of our equally talented singer guitarists) and drinks will be served by unsettlingly handsome members of ‘Operation Hennessey’. But what are the chances of turning one of Silver Fleet’s boats into The Bellafonte for the evening?... Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go on an overnight drunk, and in 10 days I'm going to set out to find the shark that ate my friend and destroy it. Anyone who wants to tag along is more than welcome...


Hayley Hannam

Gangsters, Jazz and Drag, an entertainment booker’s delight! So massacres aside Some Like it Hot is a perfect film to base an event around. The Del Coronado (where Some Like it Hot was originally filmed) is a perfect setting, however just in case flying your guests to San Diego isn’t feasible lets have a venue a little closer to home shall we? The Park Lane Hotel on Piccadilly still has that 20’s feel and the Palm Court would be a fitting background for the event.

Picture the scene, a Marilyn Monroe look-alike (such as our very own Suzie Kenne) in a shimmering dress posing for pictures with guests, and a couple of 20’s gangsters propped up against the bar, the swinging sounds of a female led band complete with a saxophone and ukulele. And of course, Jane’s favourite, Drag Queens, dressed in fabulous flapper dresses serving Martini’s, Bellini’s and any other type of ‘ini’ based drink you can think of. Ooh I can’t open my invite quick enough!


Samantha Rika

I’d love to theme an event around the 1961 classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s – the venue would have to be Tiffany’s, ideally Fifth Avenue butI suppose you could substitute Bond Street if budget was an issue Giant ‘diamonds’ chiseled by an ice sculptor set on a massive carved ice bar will provide a fantastic visual centerpiece to the room, table centres will be a mixture of stacked hat boxes and giant Martini glasses with pearls spilling out of them, silver candelabra, black table linen scattered with Swarovski crystals, silver cutlery and sparkling glassware. As for entertainment, an Audrey Hepburn lookalike, The Blacks & Whites jazz band who will end the evening with Moon River, photobooth with props inspired by the film, sunglasses, boas, faux pearls, eye masks, tiaras, elbow length gloves. And then the all important Goodie Bags, which would in fact be a Tiffany box tied with ribbon containing a Breakfast at Tiffany’s DVD, Return to Tiffany silver heart tag bracelet for ladies and silver key ring for men, quarter bottle of champagne and a box of Crackerjack.


Adam Sternberg

I would suggest Carry on Matron at The Hospital Club - yes pretty obvious that. I would have the punmeister as strolling act- he would talk to guests and turn what ever they say into saucy puns, Ball Manipulators would have to be there - for obvious reasons. Musically, I would have Booth Street West dressed as doctors and nurses, perhaps throwing in the odd raunchy Trombone slide and I suppose I'd have to pay some actor to walk around saying "Oooh Matron", because I can't figure a way to fit that in any other way.

Jane Moore

My film night would be a cross between American Werewolf in London and The Corpse Bride. I love the idea of early 80's London but turned into the underworld featured in a corpse bride. So old-school adult movies play out as a backdrop. Walkabout living dead zombies, Yorkshire folk from the local pub the Slaughtered Lamb mix happily with the landed gentry blue bloods in tuxedos. The dinner would be served on the longest darkest mahogany table with heavy silverware and huge candelabra centre pieces. Yet a dartboard would hang in the corner of the room, with ale-drinking, old, but very-dead, ladies scoring the darts. Zombie bride pianist in full victorian regalia would play on a full size grand piano, dueting with a half changed werewolf in some sort of 80's Back to the Future costume. This event would take place at a venue called Great Fosters. It has the gothic charm required for such an epic occasion.


If any of the these themes have piqued your interest for an upcoming event, get in touch via or give us a call on 020 8877 1102.