Circus Month - Moscow State Circus Review

November 10, 2011



As bookers of Corporate Entertainment we're used to seeing some pretty spectacular circus performers on a regular basis but even amongst the acts that we work with at events, the performers of the Moscow State Circus have some serious skill. Strong, athletic and focused the Circus Artistes of the Moscow State Circus demonstrated a wide variety of breath taking skills throughout the evening. It's a relief to be able to say that, especially after a slow start to the show but the talent of the performers outshone any narrative quibbles the audience might have had.

Questionable story aside I was hooked almost from the get go, utterly in awe of a routine in which girls performed an aerial act on poles which were themselves balancing on the heads of other performers.  Impressive enough on its own, but to repeat the feat whilst walking on tight rope just seems like showing off. Fortunately, the Moscow State Circus is just the place for showing off. A mind blowing tight-rope section in particular had the audience on the edge of their seats with performers leaping between each other’s shoulders over criss-crossing wires before launching into aerial gymnastic displays and seemingly impossible balancing acts.

A speed juggling act was another highlight; beginning with a relatively simple "3 men juggling" formation and ending with a breath-taking routine involving rotating platforms over different levels.

Aerial silks, chair stacking and a tumbling, somersaulting aerial hoop routine brought the show to a dramatic, heart pounding conclusion that left the audience begging for more. There'll no doubt be a few repeat visits to the show, if only to try and figure out how these performers managed to pull off some of the stunts that they did. An absolute must see for Circus aficionados and curious laymen alike, the Moscow State Circus will be touring the UK throughout 2012, take a look at their tour dates for more info.

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