More Alice in Wonderland Entertainment at Shakespeare’s Globe

July 15, 2013

See, told you Alice in Wonderland was a popular theme for a party... Not long after out Alice themed summer garden party at Westminster Abbey, we were cracking out the costumes once more for another trip down the rabbit hole – this time in the Underglobe at Shakespeare’s Globe. Lewis Carrol’s beloved work of nonsense once again provided inspiration for a host of weird and wonderful acts.

Any guesses as to whether this guy turned up on time? Fittingly, our Costumed White Rabbit acted as host for the evening, leading guests down into the venue (no doubt with a coquettish shake of his tail) and directing the audience’s attention to each new performer. But rather than leading event-goers through a hedge-maze, we brought the hedge to them with our living topiary. Living topiary is creepy. Let’s move on.

The great thing about Wandering Hands is they're always able to "Change Places!" at a venueStrolling covers trio Wandering Hands donned the disguises of their alter-egos The Wandering Hatters as they performed around the venue for small clusters of guests. The band showed all the energy, wit and enthusiasm that’d made them such a hit at corporate events, regardless of what they’re wearing, but their elaborate costumes helped them fit in with the surreal, absurdist feel of the evening.

Not normally one to wear his heart on his sleeve, Dan instead wears it on his cheekAlso making the rounds at the event were a number of our brilliant strolling performers, close-up magician Dan took inspiration from the playing card motif that runs through Carrol’s book to put together some magic tricks that fit in perfectly with the theme. Elsewhere our Caricaturist imagined guests as playing card characters and gave the respective Kings, Queens and Jacks a fitting keepsake for the evening.

Is it me or does that Flamingo look like it's all "Oh no they didn't!?"The card theme extended to other aspects of the evening, from event staff uniforms to table decorations - but it was out Deck of Cards Ballet Dancers who performed a piece on stage inspired by the theme of the event in Red and Black costumes.  

Don't be trying to steal the phrase "Tweedle Dee Jay" because I'll knowThough they’ve cultivated a sleek and professional image through countless corporate events and weddings, DJ duo Freight Train were unable to resist the allure of the Tweedle Dee Jay costumes (and by ‘unable to resist’ we mean – we pretty much forced them). All the same, the guys managed to pull off the matching stripy shirts and braces look better than anyone would have guessed. Wait, aren’t they supposed to be brothers? Shhhhhhh.

Once again, that flamingo tries to upstage one of our actsParty-goers attentions were drawn to the stage for a pair of breathtaking performances from two of our most highly demanded circus acts. Contortionist Sally took on the role of Alice with a startling display of flexibility that ended with her squeezing into a tiny Perspex box. Gettit? Full sized woman? Impossibly small spaces. Shrinking... Ehhhhh.

Billy, performing to any number of Cat themed backing tracks - "Feline Good", "I got a Feline" etcLater on, our Cyr Wheel artist Billy took the part of the Cheshire Cat right down to the furry tail which thankfully didn’t get trapped under the wheel... that’d wipe the grin off his face... except it wouldn’t because it was painted on by the make-up artist we supplied to make everyone look suitably ‘wonderland-ish’. Billy’s dizzying performance drew gasps from the crowd (no doubt worried about the tail) and showed off his incredible strength and balance.

There's a video from the event here. Take a look at some more pictures from the event below. You can see even more pictures from the event on our Facebook Page.

Something about Card-Trick and Hat-Trick? I dunno..."A corporate event you say? I'm all ears"These guys have been known to *Shrub* guests the wrong way"When I said 'Draw me in a suit' I didn't mean..." Wandering Hands play that song where they point up...The keen eyed among you might spot a 'drink me' potion next to the stage... pretty clever right? If you’re looking for more Alice in Wonderland themed entertainment ideas, head over to our contact page and get in touch.

By Garreth Owen