Modern Dance Acts for an Event

March 10, 2020

Modern dance has stormed the nation over the past decade and it just keeps getting better! Diversity and Flawless rose to prominence on Britain’s Got Talent, George Sampson also won the show and now dancers are adding even more incredible choreography into their routines. Building on where these dancers have gone before, here are some modern dance acts that you can book for your event.

Motion Waves

 Motion Waves blend dance with live media performance. What does that mean? Perfect for conferences, a dancer performs in front of a visual display, their movements appearing to control the images behind them. Hugely entertaining, we highly recommend looking at the example video on their page to see what is possible!


 Frobacks are performing at our showcases tomorrow night! The Boulevard Theatre in Soho will transform into an SC venue for the evening and as one of our top acts, it will be great to see what Frobacks do. Having impressed on BBC One’s The Greatest Dancer in 2019, last year was a great one for this awesome foursome and we cannot wait to see how 2020 goes. One of the best modern dance acts in the land!


 RIOTRONIX is an LED dance troupe that wear amazing costumes to accompany their incredible dance show. Displaying a staggering array of moves and tricks, the team features some of the country’s finest contemporary dancers, freerunners and skaters. Using cutting-edge LED dance technology, the show utilises striking LED costumes to deliver truly breathtaking visuals.


 From having projection mapping behind the dancer with Motion Waves, we now move on to projection mapping on the dancers with Supernova. Not only can the quartet perform exceptional choreography whilst wearing hundreds of LEDs, but the colours can transform into a company logo if the client desires it. Great fun and a superb visual spectacle.

Flying Drummers

 Flying Drummers are based in Germany and are probably only available for those with the biggest of budgets due to the costs involved in having the team perform in London. As far as modern dance goes though, this is incredible stuff. Not only do the team create fabulous percussion compositions but within seconds of their act starting they are flying up into the air. A fabulous blend of music and dance, Flying Drummers are a dream.

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By Henry Fosdike