Marriage Proposal Ideas - 5 Romantic and Creative Ways!

April 20, 2016

When it comes to marriage proposal ideas, you’ll no doubt have found out about a fair few. They are littered all over the internet – “58 marriage proposal ideas to wow you!”, “Wedding Proposal Ideas to make you head to the bathroom and cry” or maybe even the “Romantic proposal ideas that don’t suck.” Gee, talk about having some pressure on your shoulders. If you saw on Monday, Matt’s idea was to use entertainment to propose and it was lovely. In fact it’s inspired this blog, which looks at ways that entertainment can be used for marriage proposal ideas!


Since we mentioned above, it’d be remiss not to use Wandering Hands as the example for a music-based proposal. A hugely popular song for this these days is Bruno Mars’ Marry You and this was no different. It has the perfect lyrics to sum up everything most people want to say about their other half in music form. Sit back and enjoy this lovely video of Matt and Kate getting engaged ahead of an awesome holiday to Singapore!


Our more section of the website is admittedly somewhat vague, because it covers any type of event entertainment hire that doesn’t fit easily into all of the other categories. As such, this might be the place to look for your more unique marriage proposal ideas with everything from a man who wears hundreds of mirrors to some living human hedges. However, we particularly like the idea of a proposal involving Evolve and their shadow show. We’re sure you could be creative and romantic with your ideas!


You might be thinking that we only provide entertainment for events and weddings and parties. Whilst that’s true to an extent – we certainly do those things – we also like to provide ideas such as these to help make your special moments as romantic and creative as possible. Well, they don’t all have to be romantic or your corporate event may turn out differently to how you’d imagined. Anyway, here is a super cute and simple magic trick that a boyfriend learned for his marriage proposal. Enjoy.


We’ll level with you on this one – if you or your partner are addicted to watching cute marriage proposals on YouTube then dancing is probably the last thing you want to attempt. There are loads of flashmobs and differing styles that have been attempted, so you have to be really crafty to make it original. We aren’t saying you won’t pull off something unique, it’s just harder is all. Even so, a flashmob dance approach to marriage proposals (or maybe just one involving friends) can work beautifully well, especially if your lucky lady thinks she is ‘in on it’ for another couple. Nope, it’s actually you who this is for! We love this video and think it showcases everything that is great about a flash mob dance proposal.


This isn’t the most obvious genre for a proposal idea to stem from, but luckily enough we managed to find one costumed proposal on YouTube and it’s an absolute beauty. Quite how it was planned is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly a crafty and humorous video. This creative wedding proposal basically involves a young teacher reading a story book, ‘Bobster the Lobster’ to her class of children. Right at the end, the story takes a twist as Bobster gets down on one knee and says… Then the pages go blank. And who comes through the door? Her boyfriend, dressed as Bobster. Genius!

Phew! Now that's all done... You have a wedding to plan! 

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