Magicians Who Fooled Penn & Teller - Part IV

May 23, 2016

Well done for staying with it! We have finally come to the concluding part of our ‘Magicians who Fooled Penn & Teller (on Fool Us)' series and hope you have enjoyed the many magic trick videos we have thrown your way. The good news however is that you are still yet to see the final part – the final foolers are below – and that there is a third series on the way at some point. Wahey! Until then, we hope you have enjoyed our jaunt through a variety of different magic types and feel free to get in contact if you’d like a magician to perform at your event. Without further ado…

Kostya Kimlat

Kostya Kimlat is a truly exceptional magician whom Penn later notes just “knew” would fool them. His trick has been done in many forms over the years but according to Penn & Teller, it’s because of the way he does it, that it fools them. They knew exactly what to look for but Kostya is too good for them to spot any funny moves! The trick takes the form of a close-up card trick where Kostya Kimlat manages to shuffle together upside down cards with right side up ones and with one click of the fingers, everything is face up again… Except for the cards chosen by Penn & Teller!

Joshua Jay

Certainly a bit different, Joshua Jay’s card trick takes the action completely out of his own hands and even leaves him blindfolded. Telling the story of a blind girl who wanted to see a magic trick, he explains that this is the one he chose. With no verbal telling of the card from his chosen assistant (the audience know the choice due to the laying of cards), it’s extremely impressive Joshua finds the right card in the deck whilst still wearing the blindfold. Penn & Teller were rightly stunned!

David Roth

A hero of coin magic who has written many books on the subject (and was required reading for Penn & Teller when they started out), it’s unclear exactly whether David Roth managed to fool the Las Vegas duo during his routine, as they point out that anything they may have seen was precisely because Roth told them about the various techniques way in the past. It’s a tour de force of coin magic that leaves the duo in raptures.

Rick Lax

Rick Lax is a stuntman as well as being a magician and puts his skills into practice here by ripping a phonebook clean in half. Utilising help from presenter Jonathan Ross, the routine appears to have gone wrong early on (which is a common occurrence in around 10% of magic tricks), but ultimately Rick manages to stab the right page in a phone book to the general confusion of both Penn and Teller. After a couple of wrong guesses they have to concede that, “You fooled us!”

Eric Jones

With Penn ultimately talking about turtles and dolphins after the magic display, you might think this is a magic trick that focuses around water-based animals. Not so! Eric Jones is a seasoned magician with coins and uses two members of the audience to fulfil his magic routine. The two guests couldn’t be more different with his first assistant putting on a ‘too-cool-for-this-but-still-kinda-impressed’ demeanour and his second just flat out stunned from the get go. It makes for an incredibly entertaining piece of television and although Penn & Teller are aware of parts of the trick, they can’t quite work out a small portion of it and have to declared that Eric fooled them!

Francis Menotti

Francis Menotti parades an usual magic trick that wouldn’t be out of place in a corporate event of librarians. He doesn’t use cards or coins, but instead uses a thesaurus and scrabble tiles. What could be better? Far be it from us to describe the magic, but seven guests are called on stage and when working on tandem, they all manage to ensure that the magic goes smoothly. Amazingly that’s not even the best part of the routine, with Francis deciding to speak in an entertaining manner, using words not often heard in sentence. It’s a remarkable and well-rounded affair that Penn & Teller couldn’t quite work out!


Perhaps the most beautiful illusion of the entire Fool Us oeuvre, Suzanne ignores cards, coins and scrabble tiles to create a warm routine that involves the use of band aids (or plasters as we call them in the UK). It’s a deceptively simple idea; a plaster placed on Jonathan’s forehead goes has its marking swap places with the one on Suzanne’s as she ‘uses her love to stop the pain’. One can see how effective this would be on a child and its clearly effective with Penn and Teller as they couldn’t work it out, even after inspecting the plasters!

That’s it from our run through of all the successful Penn & Teller: Fool Us magicians (click for Part I, Part II and Part III) but do not fear for the show will be returning and we’ll of course bring you a blog showcasing the tricks when possible. If you’re now interested in a magician for your corporate event, private party or wedding then check out our magic page and get in touch using the contact details below.

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