Magicians who Fooled Penn & Teller - Part II

May 10, 2016

If you missed part 1 of our look at magicians who have managed to trick Penn & Teller in the hit TV show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us (it does exactly what it says on the tin), then feel free to go and read it here and we’ll wait here. All done? Watched all the amazing magic trick videos? Excellent. Let’s continue! Here is the next set of magicians who managed to fool everybody’s favourite Las Vegas magicians (unless you happen to be a Siegfried & Roy fan).

Morgan & West

Sometimes magicians go a little bit further than other acts by wearing costumes. Morgan & West go somewhat further insisting that they actually hail from Victorian England; they wear marvellous old suits, sport fabulous moustaches and even do a trick that involves silhouette artistry. Penn & Teller are convinced they saw a deck switch, but allegedly there was none. So who knows what the move is when Jonathan Ross sits down. We leave it to you the jury to decide!

Brynolf & Ljung

Another double act, this time described by Penn as being the double of Penn & Teller if they were ‘younger, better looking and from Sweden’. This particular trick involves a signed card appearing in the mouth of the magician. The catch? Well, his face is completely covered with duct tape throughout the entire routine. How did they do that? The esteemed American magicians had no idea and were happy to say, “You fooled us!” If you enjoyed this video then you're in luck, because the duo reappeared on Britain's Got Talent a year later

Shawn Farquhar

This is probably the best trick to fool Penn and Teller throughout season one (in this particular blog writer’s opinion) and it makes sense, because Shawn Farquhar has won first place at FISM (imagine a magic World Cup). What Shawn manages to do is take a signed card from Penn and somehow put it inside a sealed deck of cards, which aren’t touched after being placed into Penn’s hands. “Oh that’d be a fine trick,” notes Penn and we have to say that we agree.

Etienne Pradier

Due to no acceptable videos of this trick on YouTube, we turn to Vimeo to see Etienne Pradier's successful visit to the Fool Us stage. Essentially another signed card trick, this time it appears inside a bottle, which itself is inside a modified Pringles tube. Meanwhile Penn writes down a card he has thought about on an envelope and Etienne finds this at the end of the performance. Although Penn and Teller knew some of what Monsieur Pradier had done, they couldn’t quite nail down the entire magic trick.

Lee Hathaway

Invoking some vaudeville and cabaret into the magic world, Lee Hathaway produces a gut-busting routine that is equal parts entertaining as it is baffling. The YouTube comments – as ever – are certain that they have solved how the magic trick is done, but Penn & Teller were baffled and much to the delight of the Fool Us crowd, Lee became the final person of series one to head to Las Vegas thanks to his intriguing card trick. Apologies for the fact that it looks like it was recorded with a potato. 

Did you see part one of our Penn & Teller: Fool Us rundown? No? Then you really should have stopped reading when we told you to at the top. Never mind! Here you can see the rundown and on this page you can check out some of our very own talented magicians.

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