Magicians who Fooled Penn & Teller - Part I

May 09, 2016

If you’re like us, then you love magic. The mystery of it, the patter and of course the reappearance of your signed card in a sealed envelope in a block of ice, which is found in a carrier bag inside your husband’s manbag. How on earth..? You might be certain to hire a magician, thinking of hiring a magician or perhaps you’re just here to find some videos of magicians fooling Penn & Teller on Fool Us in a nice, easily watchable list. You’re in the right place. Let’s see which magicians fooled Penn & Teller and won the right to perform ahead of their show in Las Vegas! Enjoy!

John Archer

A magician in the classical style – he walks on stage wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a suit jacket – John Archer’s trick may not be as flashy as a lot of the others on Fool Us, but it’s clearly deceptive enough to fool Penn & Teller. There are five envelopes and one contains £100. All you have to do to win the money is select the right one. It’s not just the trick that makes a winner, but Archer’s use of language to entertain, confuse and have you in hysterics. It’s old school cool and was the first trick to fool the famous Las Vegas duo.

Ben Earl

Benjamin Earl (as he’s known on the show) fooled Penn and Teller with a routine that is played around the idea of a casino card sharp. It’s all manipulation and all done close up for Penn and Teller, who sit at the table where Ben riffles and shuffles the deck, finding all four aces. Think that’s too easy? He then does it one handed. It’s a deceptively simple trick and allegedly, Mr. Earl fooled Penn by deliberately making it look as though he’d done a few false shuffles. Clever! That being said, perhaps if they’d used the words ‘false cut’ rather than ‘false shuffle’, he may not have made it through!

Mathieu Bich

Magician Graham Jolley was the next person to fool Penn and Teller with a rather brilliant self-working mathematical card trick. Alas, his performance isn’t on YouTube so we’ll have to skip over his trick and instead turn our attentions to Mathieu. A French magician, Mathieu’s trick is known as the Spreadwave and utilises a beach ball thrown amongst the audience to ensure that the card picked is random. Then he shuffles the deck in a very special way and, well, the trick is just begging to be seen. We don’t want to spoil it but it’s visual genius and Penn’s reaction is perfect.

Richard Bellars

Perhaps fortunate to fool Penn & Teller, Richard Bellars was the only magician in series one to return to the show after failing to amaze the magic duo with his first trick in the opening episode. Thankfully he returned and did so with a vengeance! His winning trick made use of a few pub style games before showing that he’d predicted the results all along with a folded up piece of paper in his shoe. Is there something about the table he uses though? Well, perhaps. But Penn and Teller didn’t spot it so it doesn’t matter!

Nick Einhorn

Rather than focus on close-up magic, Nick Einhorn is a mentalist, attempting to manipulate an audience member to pick three dishes, place them at three tables and then select three audience members to sit behind them. Oh and then give them three coloured envelopes to explain the situation. If that sounds confusing then rest assured it makes a lot more sense when you’re watching. Host Jonathan Ross called it “remarkable” and since they don’t really do mentalism, Penn and Teller had absolutely no idea how any of it was done!

Enjoy that? Check out part II.




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