Magicians Select Their Favourite Magic Tricks

June 26, 2015

Last week, we wrote a blog post comprising just five of our favourite magic tricks of all time. We tried to be a little bit different in selecting each one, picking a card trick here, a quick change effect there and obviously a David Copperfield one for good measure. After taking to Twitter, we found that three top UK magicians put forward their own selections...


Dan selected a trick that we almost selected in our top five! What are the chances? It’s like he’s psychic as well (he isn’t...we don’t think...) From the mighty mind of silent magician Teller - who has been plying his trade in Vegas for the past however many years as part of Penn & Teller – comes this rather beautiful trick involving coins and a glass. Where do they keep coming from? We have no idea but sit back and enjoy. 


Jasz Vegas, star of BBC3’s Killer Magic got in on the act by suggesting a trick that she saw at Simon Drake’s House of Magic, a place which looks well worth a visit after a quick wander around the website. Alas, this trick doesn’t show up on YouTube, so we have substituted it with her favourite card effect that she performs, which is a signed two card transpo. Unfortunately (sigh), YouTube doesn’t have any of those either but we do have a regular two card transposition for you that we think covers the basics.

UPDATE: Jasz has found her favourite trick by Simon Drake! 

Admittedly, it doesn't show that the guy being operated on survives so presumably it's not a trick at all. Umm... Err... Yeah. A rather macabre magic choice from Jasz but did we expect anything else? Let's be honest, the clue is in the name of the television in which she features! 


Gareth was recently lucky enough to be a Sternberg Clarke Chillusionist for the day and since we’re being totally honest with you, we’ll tell you now that his choice was our favourite from the three magicians, mainly because we’d never seen it before. Gareth selected a beautiful trick from Yu Hojin entitled ‘Card Manipulation’, which he performed at the FISM Grand Prix in 2012. Stunning from start to finish, there’s a reason Yu Hojin is currently classed as the finest card manipulator in the world.

And as a special bonus, here's how that trick was done. 

Chatting magic with these three brilliant magicians on Twitter was a delight, especially when Jasz and Gareth revealed that they were actually in the audience for Yu Hojin’s trick and that it brought a tear to one of their eyes. Whose? The answer is here...




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By Henry Fosdike