Magic Month: Strolling Magician Videos

November 08, 2012

I promise, we’re nearly done with the whole Magic Month Thing, but we’ve still got loads of great footage and pictures from our Magic Showcase at the Canal Cafe Theatre and it’d be a crime to just leave it sitting there. In particular, we’ve got a handful of fantastic videos of Strolling Magicians Dan, Gareth and Damien performing at the Canal Cafe Theatre that effectively show off the three  vastly differing approaches to close-up magic. in the intermission between parts one and two of our magic showcase, the three strolling magicians zipped between tables giving guests a taste of how magic can work at a corporate dinner or drinks reception.

Damien O’Brien dazzled guests with a refreshingly modern, urban take on street magic. His mixture of close up magic tricks and hypnotism worked as a great counterpoint to the acts on stage and his laid back, understated delivery exudes confidence. From the audience reactions he was getting, it looks like Damien might be busy in the run up to Christmas.

Close-up magic maestro and all round nice guy Dan has featured prominently in our Magic Month, mostly because we think he’s so good. It was an opinion guests at the showcase shared with his cleverly conceived bag of tricks featuring everything from cards to iPads. Dan’s style couldn’t be more different from Damien but the contrast shows the range of options available for corporate event or wedding magic.

Having graciously shared a few embarrassing stories about his life as a magician, it was probably good for Gareth to remind people that it’s not all swallowed cards and faux pas, he's actually really good. So after a deviously clever stage performance of his Three Ropes trick, Gareth proved why he’s one of the most highly demanded magicians on the events circuit with a selection of close up magic tricks that amazed and astounded guests.

That's the kind of response you want

For more information on booking Dan, Gareth or Damien for upcoming corporate events or weddings, head over to our contact page and get in touch. And for another, more wedding-y take on our Magic Showcase, check out this brilliant write up on Rock My Wedding.

By Garreth Owen