Magic Month: Our Showcase Line Up

October 17, 2012

We recently announced our Magic Showcase to cap off Magic Month on the 30th of October, perhaps you saw? Perhaps you didn’t. Point is you’re here now and we’re talking about it and that’s all the matters. So while you’re here we thought we’d share a little more information about the acts that will be performing at the Canal Cafe Theatre on the 30th of October. If you haven't already RSVP'd to book your place, you can do it here.  So without further ado (because I know how you feel about all that ‘ado’)

The Stage Acts

Tom Bins/Ian D. Montfort

What better way to debunk the claims of spirit mediums (or media?) than to become one... and a brilliant one at that. Tom Binns, our compere and headline act for the evening, has been receiving rave reviews for his performances as Ian D Montfort; a softly spoken Macam who believes he is able to contact the dead. At once prodding fun at the idea of clairvoyance whilst revealing some of the practice’s cheapest tricks, Ian D. Montfort is equal parts hilarious, fascinating and mystifying. 

 Nigel Mead

Over the course of Nigel’s illustrious 20 year career as a magician, he’s made over 50 TV appearances and performed for everyone from Robert DeNiro to the Queen. But regardless of whether he’s at a high profile corporate event or an intimate private party, Nigel pulls out all the stops for his audience... then makes the stops disappear... then reappear behind someone’s dirty ears. An obvious choice for the showcase then.

 Gareth Kalyan

Gareth has long been one of Sternberg Clarke’s most popular magicians performing close-up magic at countless corporate events and weddings all the while receiving the adoration of the general public with the grace and dignity befitting a man of his standing. For our showcase however, Gareth will be taking to the stage to show off his take on a rope trick that we’re confident will knot disappoint. Gareth’s easy charm and approachability is bound to have the audience wrapped around his little finger, providing there’s any room left over from all the rope.

Romany Diva of Magic

Lady Magicians are like gold dust or as Romany puts it; “rarer than a lesser spotted lesser spotted thing” so we’re thrilled to have one such lady magician at our showcase. And not just any one, Romany Diva of Magic has won awards and performed all over the world captivating audiences with a stage persona that’s part showgirl, part comedian and part, y’know... magician. With a singular talent for eliciting both gasps and guffaws from her audience, Romany is primed to take the Canal Cafe Theatre by storm.


Recent auditionee Alex McAleer's mind reading skills were so impressive; we immediately decided to thrust him into our showcase line-up before we’d even written an audition blog on him (seriously... I’m getting round to it). In truth, Alex makes no claims to being able to read minds, instead using his keen eye for body language and knowledge of human psychology to blow audiences away with good old fashioned knowhow.

The Strolling Magicians

 Damien O’Brien

Having caught the magic bug at age 12, Damien O’Brien has become the leader of a new school of street magician, delivering a swift kick in the pants to the magic community with his streetwise, modern take on close up magic and hypnotism. With performances at the NME Awards, the MOBOs, T4 on the Beach and the Brit awards under his belt, Damien has no problem with taking on big gigs so the cosy confines of our showcase should be no problem.


Smooth talking Scottish magician Neb has proved a huge hit with Event Audiences since he first came in to visit us a couple of years ago performing his mix of close-up magic and mentalism (and occasionally music too) at London’s biggest and best venues for some of our most discerning clients. Neb’s informal style often catches guests off guard and before they know it, they’re lost for words at some devious deception or other.


Magician and gentleman Dan has had his share of coverage on the Sternberg Clarke blog in the past. Whether he’s dressed as an elf, made up as Jack Frost ‘The Chillusionist’ or performing a trick with an iPad purely because Adam Sternberg likes iPads - Dan’s willingness to accommodate our every whim shouldn’t detract from his extensive knowledge and prodigious skill in the art of prestidigitation which is a fancy new word we picked up for magic soley for the purpose of impressing Dan.

For more information on booking any of these acts for upcoming corporate events, head over to our contact page and get in touch.