Magic Month: Making your Wedding Magic

October 19, 2012

You would need to be living under one hell of a rock to have missed the fact that October is Magic Month at Sternberg Clarke.  So far we have shown you some examples of the wonderful magicians we work with and also history of magic.  But how does this work with weddings?  Good question. You only have to look at the lovely young magicians like Gareth or Dan to see that magicians have moved on from the glittery waistcoats and dead-eyed smiles of our collective 6th birthday parties.  This modern breed of illusionist can really add something to your wedding reception entertainment while keeping with the desired feel of the event.

Consider this, not all of your guests will know each other.  As wonderful as it would be to have everyone greeting each other with great hugs and smiles, your university friends might stick together, as will your work friends.  Aunties and Uncles might stay with your family and might not get to know the people the people who you met through your yoga class, and this is where a wedding magician comes in. 

The real Magic of... Magic is the way it brings people together, it’s hard to start a conversation if you have no idea who the person is or whether you have anything in common, but with a flurry of cards, a melted spoon and a burnt £20 note, a small crowd of guests have not only a talking point but an opportunity to find out a bit about each other. Favourite songs, childhood pets, mother’s maiden names – a magician can tease little bits of information out of guests in a way that’s natural in its unnaturalness, a real godsend for making chit chat.

 It’s also really nice to give your guests something to do during a drinks reception or between courses at dinner.  Of course, they will want to chat to each other, speak about how beautiful the bride looks and nibble on a few canapés; but if you chose to have photos taken at this time, guests will really appreciate having someone to entertain them during the afternoon.

We work with many different clients, some who want to stick the traditional format for the day; drinks reception, wedding breakfast, music for dancing etc, and some who want to go ‘off-piste’.  In those cases, particularly if the wedding is an intimate affair, a magician performing a show is a fantastic idea.  Stage magicians can vary from the spooky to the hilarious and given enough time, can tailor their act to fit a theme. Placing a show between courses or after dinner  acts as a great focal point for the evening and is perfect for couples who don’t want to spend all night being the centre of attention.

For more information on booking a magician for a wedding or private event, head over to our contact page and get in touch.